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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:Liberation with Aid

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Liberation with Aid
Volume: One
Episode Number: 109
First aired: February 1, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: The Invisible Girl
Next episode: Relations


Story Development

Miranda James · Eli Collins · Smoke mimicry · Cloning


Sparrow:- Now what do we do?

Caitlin:- We go to liberate she!

Mohinder:- No, now we have to think of you, Caitlin, go to India!

Caitlin:- Sorry, Mohinder, but I wan't go to free Angie, she has sacrificed for me, now spare the favor!

Miranda:- I think you need me!

A girl was standing at the door ...

Jason:- Who the hell are you?

Miranda:- Miranda Hector, an Angie's friend.

Caitlin:- You're special?

Miranda:- Yes!

Miranda snaps his fingers and become smoke ...

Sparrow:- Oh my...

...and return normal...

Miranda:- Angie and I are friends since kindergarten, I can not give up!

Just Miranda finishes speaking, they exit out and looking for traces of the van that took Angie ...

Sparrow:- Headed west ...

Miranda:- Wait, I get up and control ...

Miranda become smoke e get up...

Miranda:- I see something move there!

Sparrow:- What is? Who is?

Miranda:- A big building and...vans! Like those who kidnapped Angie!

E return human...

Jason:- How far?

Miranda:- Will achieve them in a quarter of an hour by walk ...

Sparrow:- But we can also put less .....:)

Sparrow raises his arms and begin to get up on a piece of rock ...

Sparrow:- C'mon!

The boys go on a rock when so many men appear after them...all the same...

Mohinder:- What the f...

Caitlin:- Who are ye?

?- I'm only one, they are my clones...

Sparrow:- Who are you?

Eli:- My name's Eli, Eli Collins, I've heard that you are going to liberate your friend, they're also took my brother Evan, how about joining forces and free them?

Miranda:- Ok...go!

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Character Appearance

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