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Airport Castle
Dream Castle.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

In the outbreak future, agents capture evolved humans and enclose them into Airport Castle.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Eli tell at the team that they call it "Airport Castle". Later, Eli kill three men near the door and the team enter in the building.

Dying of the Colors

The team arrive at Angie's room and free all the prisoners.

The Hunter

In the Airport Castle, Danko arrive and Ted Sprague Jr. make him a prisoner and Evan take him down with an aura.

It's Not Over

The team exit one for all from the Airport Castle with Luke Skyland's help. Outside it, Ted Sprague its attempt to explode after Sally King's death.

How to Stop an Exploding Boy

Frank Hornby kill Danko and Ted Sprague, Jr. and tell to the team that he have a power.

A Strange and Unlucky Family

Again outside Airport Castle, Frank show to the team his power. Later, he show the most fast plane on the earth who they will use to go in India.

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