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Hoping for a Power
Volume: One
Episode Number: 103
First aired: December 15, 2009
Powerless Sylar.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Galloping
Next episode: Homecoming


Story Development

Noah Gray · Sylar · Cloaking


The three arrived on the ground at the laboratory of Mohinder.

Caitlin:- This is your lab?

Mohinder:- Yes Caitlin, it was the study of a painter, but since I started working for the Company, I used it as a laboratory.

Jason:- What? Working for the Company?

Mohinder:- Yes...why?

Jason:- Those damned! A man with horn-rimmed glasses took me popping out of a bush. I tried to freeze it but I was like ... stuck!

Mohinder:- Yes, the Company has done this in the past ... but since the virus has spread, dissolved, and no longer works there.

The boys come but ...

Angie:- Oh ... my ... God! What happened in here?

Mohinder:- No! The vial! Noah no!

Sparrow:- Who is Noah?

Mohinder:- Noah Gray, son of Gabriel Gray and Rebecca Carson ... he did not, contrary to ...

Jason:- Whoa, whoa, whoa ... you said Gabriel Gray? Sylar? Since when has a child that assassin?

Mohinder:- Some time ago ... when he was not a murderer, he met a woman ... and she had her son, Noah. But then he discovered the skill of his wife. Could say ... ... how to get rid of the objects and make them reappear. Sylar when he discovered, is gone, but when he showed the skills he went looking for him. But when he discovered that his son had not, he is gone again. Ioho then met Noah who told me his story. I told him I could give him the skills ... and then it happened that about the virus. But now it is back and took the vial.

Jason:- The beauty and the beast has seen a release to be pretty much the father.

Caitlin:- Sylar is really this cruel?

Mohinder:- He killed my father and another twenty people to take the power ... but is now dead victim of the virus.

Caitlin:- I'm sorry ... but why do you want me to have powers?

Mohinder:- Because I want you to come back ... I know Peter and I know he would never have done it on purpose.

Caitlin:- But he was there ... with that woman and...

A noise strongly affects the door ...

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Memorable Quotes

"... but why do you want me to have the powers?"

"Because I want you to come back ... I know Peter and I know he would never have done it on purpose."

- Caitlin, Mohinder

Character Appearances


  • The phrase,The beauty and the beast has seen a release to be pretty much the father. Is a clear reference to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast

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