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Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 1 (When it all Started...)
Volume: One
Episode Number: 105
First aired: 31 December, 2009
Once Upon A Time In Texas.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Homecoming
Next episode: Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 2


  • The President announced a tragic epidemic.
  • Mohinder shows people the existence of evolved humans.
  • One solution seems to be, disappointed by Angela.

Story Development

The President · Pressman · Meredith Gordon · The Company · Hiro & Kimiko Nakamura · Cole Jackson · Alice Shaw. · Pyrokinesis · Precognitive dreaming


1 Years Ago...<<Washington D.C.>>

The President:- Good day to all, we are very sad news came today in announcing the CDC. A virus, is spreading around the world right now. Is start yesterday afternoon from Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. Then it is revealed the reason for the untimely death of Senator Nathan Petrelli during his lecture. Apparently it's an epidemic, which is estimated to destroy in a matter of a year 90% of the population. We are here today with Mohinder Suresh, a geneticist at the University of Madras, India. His blood seems to heal estovirus. You have the floor, sir.

Mohinder:- Good morning everyone. Pandemic. Is what we are talking about. My blood healed by this virus, but unfortunately, there are different strains d not know the cure. The world now knows that the truth: There is a company that hides a great secret, dele people with special skills, throw fire, teleport, now that those years are no longer fantasies.

Pressman:- Fiery? Teleport? Now, here we are talking about epidemics doctor and you start talking about Super-Man?

Mohinder:- I imagined this reaction, so I brought you some examples: example A, Meredith come. Show them what you can do!

Merdith opens his hand and it appears a red flame ... while the crowd gets a surprise.

Mohinder:- Example B, Angie, keep this piece of metal.

Angie picks up the piece of metal and his hand turns into it. Then she throws a punch at a chair that breaks.


Mohinder:- This Company has been to propagate the virus, and all the various strains...

1 Months Ago...<<New York City>>

TV Reporter:- Today we declare the death of Hiro Nakamura, co-chairman of the industries Yamagata. Last heir after the death of his sister Kimiko. Now as predicted by estimates that 90% of ppolazione died. For today is all, for NBC News, Cole Jackson.

Angela:- No...Hiro...

Angela dreams .... and provides ...

Angela:- Alice ... my sister ... you were still alive ... but you ...

Mohinder:- Angela, we have to reveal!

Angela:- No, the world is not ready yet!

Mohinder:- You stay here too to let other people die, but I'm going to reveal the truth!

Angela:- Do as you like! Nobody will ever believe!

Mohinder:- And I will bring the proof!

Angela remains motionless while Mohinder goes ...

Angela:- They have already thought once, but this is too much for them!

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Memorable Quotes

"You stay here too to let other people die, but I'm going to reveal the truth!"

"Do as you like! Nobody will ever believe!"

"And I will bring the proof!"

--Mohinder Suresh, Angela Shaw.

Character Apperance


  • According to the TV Reporter, Hiro Nakamura is died one months ago, and his sister, Kimiko, time ago.
  • According to User:Tanderix, "Meredith" is Meredith Gordon.


  • When Mohinder reveals the existence of humans evolved, citing as examples for powers Pyrokinesis and Teleport. The reporter compares the powers of Superman in error by the above man, has no such powers.

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