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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:The Evil's Origins

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The Evil's Origins
Volume: Two
Episode Number: 207
First aired: June 21, 2010
Blazing banister.JPG
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Rendez-vous with the Devil
Next episode: Countdown


Story Develpoment

James Worn · Seismic burst


<<3 years ago>> << Red Carpet William O' Connor>> <<"The Chicago News" Redation>>

William's assistant:- Hey, William, there's the new boy!

Wiliam:- What's your name?

'James:- James Worn, sir.

William:- Call me William, or if you prefer, "Red Carpet".

James:- That's a good nickname. From how does it comes from?

William:- The call me "Red Carpet" because I always go on the catwalks for the newspaper...

James:- Wow!

<<2 years ago>>

William:- Hey, James. Would you give me a ride?

James:- Sure, Red.

William and James goes in the car directed at William's home...but a car goes fast on the highway and is trying to bang James' car but James send a shockwave and stop the other car...

William:- What have you done?

James:- I have this...powers.

William:- Powers?? What are you telling about??

The two boys exit from the car...

James:- Look!

James send another shockwave...

William:- You're a monster...a freak!

<<1 years ago>> <<King Shop>>

William:- How much is it?

Shopper:- 25 dollars and 70.

William:- Ok.

But someone with a gun enters...

Thief:- All down!


Thief:- Give me all money!

The shopper begin to take money but William's hands begins glow...

Thief:- What...

William:- I

William puts his hands on the thief and absorb his life...lefting him in the ground...and escape...

<<6 months ago>>

The police enters in William's home and find a video on his computer...

Video Message n° 114. After discovered about 6 months ago that I could absorb other lifes, I tried this...power...on animals and persons. Today I was in 14street and I saw an house burning, I entered and there was a person. I killed her. A few minutes later I breath out fire. So, I've understood that I can also stole a power of person. Here is William O'Connor. Video n° 114.

<<The Present>> << William O'Connor Red Carpet>>

Andrew and Marco teleport into the present from Red Carper...

Red Carpet:- Here you are, finally!

Marco:- Stop! Don't kill him!

Red Carpet:- Why?

Marco:- He's a good person, please...

Red Carpet:- But I'm not!

Red Carpet touch Andrew and stole his ability...

Marco:- No!

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Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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