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Angie Drew, Part 4
Web. #: 04
Released: January 17, 2010
Every criminal must serve his sentence...


  • Angie come back to her home.
  • Angie is arrested and ends up in prison.

Story Development

Police Agent


Miranda:- Here, our ways part!

Angie:- What do you say?

Miranda:- We are moving all the limits now, we must stop and think: as long as we could still run? Back to your family and the police, constitute!

Angie:- How I come home?

Miranda:- Take the car!

Angie:- I haven't the license, I can not drive!

Miranda:- Take a taxi!

Angie:- Up in Italy???

Miranda pulls out money from his wallet and gives them to Angie...

Miranda:- The documents you have them, bought a plane ticket...

Angie:- So this is a goodbye...?

Miranda:- Not necessarily...

Miranda is heading towards a casino...

Angie:- Taxi!

Angie arrives by taxi to the airport where he bought a plane ticket and returned to Italy in front of his house waiting to go .... and then goes ...

Carey:- Angie! You're back!

Police Agent:'- Angie Drew you under arrest for the murder of your cousin Jackie Drew.

The agent puts the handcuffs to Angie and put in jail...

Angie:- What will happen to me?

Police Agent:- In a month we will be your job, but now you stuck, all the evidence is against you!

Angie:- And until then?

Police Agent:- Will you'll be here!

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Memorable Quotes

"What will happen to me?"

"In a month we will be your job, but now you stuck, all the evidence is against you!"

"And until then?"

"Will you'll be here!"

-- Angie, Police Agent

Character Appearance

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