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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:Countdown

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Volume: Two
Episode Number: 208
First aired: August, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: The Evil's Origins
Next episode: The Clash


  • The group prepares a plan to combat Noah Gray.

Story Develpoment

Noah's army


<<5 Hours to the Clash>>

Jason:- 5 hours left...

Mohinder:- Alan, what do you know about Noah's planes?

Alan:- I know that he wants to kill you all, especialy you, Mohinder.

Mohinder:- How did he will do this?

Alan:- He built a machine, the people with powers feed it.

Sparrow:- What does this machine do?

Alan:- You believe this is a joke increases the powers!

Caitlin:- How much are they?

Alan:- Noah, Nicholas and 4 other people.

Jason:- Are they dangerous?

Alan:- Well, Noah trained them very well, they're very powerfull...

Frank:- Perfect...

<<3 Hours to the Clash>>

The team is yet thinking about the meeting...

Frank:- Now we know everything about them, we need a plane.

Caitlin:- I'm powerless, I could try to defeat the flying girl...with my gun!

Jason and Sparrow arrives with a paper in the hands...

Jason:- We prapared this scheme with the most suitable positions...

 - Mohinder VS Noah Gray 
- Alan VS Freezing guy
- Frank VS Nicholas Matassa
- Sparrow VS Flame girl
- Jason VS Super Speed boy
- Caitlin VS Flight girl

Mohinder:- Why I versus Noah?

Jason:- Well, you're the strongest of us!

Mohinder:- Fine...

<<Red Carpet & Marco Rossi>>

Marco:- Why you killed him???

Red Carpet:- I need he's ability.

Marco:- Why?

Red Carpet:- When I went to Primatech Paper searching for informatins about people with powers I found a file called "Monroe Case", this Adam Monroe tried to release a virus that would destroy all the humans! I just want take a look how would the world be since the first time I saw "Star Trek" that I want to teleport.

Marco:- Would you take me with you?

Red Carpet:- Sure. You may come in handy.

<<10 minutes to the Clash>>

Caitlin:- 10 minutes left...

Frank:- Wait, I see someone!

Frank was right, a group of 5 of 6 people was coming near them...

Mohinder:- Do you all remember the scheme?

All:- Yes!

Mohinder:- Let's start the show!

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Character Appearance

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