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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:Galloping

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 102
First aired: December 13, 2009
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: The First Meeting
Next episode: Hoping for a Power


  • Even the other heroes show what they can do.

Story Development

Element Mimicry · Terrakinesis · Enhanced strength


Angie:- We must do something, run away!

Mohinder:- Do you also have powers?

Angie touches a piece of metal and his hand turns into metal.

Angie:- Yes, Doctor.

Angie smiles as the agent walks with his rifle.

Angie:- I'll get him distracted and you hit from behind.

Mohinder:- Ok!

So Angie gets up...

Angie:- Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.

Agent 2:- Shut up and sit down!

But Mohinder comes back to the agent and turns his neck, killing him...

Angie:- You should not have killed him!

Mohinder:- Sorry, I lost control of my ability...

The noise woke the agent and he dropped the other three passengers...

Caitlin:- Where are we?

Jason:- Over New York!

Mohinder:- Down there is my lab, we have all the skills but Caitlin, down I sera, with whom you can give abilities.

Jason:- How do we get away from here?

Sparrow:- I will!

Noise is relieved from the earth far below them. At one point, a rock broke the tail of the plane and enters.

Sparrow:- This is our escape route!

The five then go out on the rock and reach the ground ...

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Memorable Quotes

"This is our escape route!"

-Sparrow Redhouse

Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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