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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:How to Stop an Exploding Boy

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How to Stop an Exploding Boy
Volume: Two
Episode Number: 201
First aired: April 08, 2010
How to Stop an Exploding Boy.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: It's Not Over
Next episode: A Strange and Unlucky Family


Story Development

Frank Hornby · Enhanced accuracy · Red Carpet · Life absorption · Mr. Angel · Air manipulation


<<Outside Airport Castle>> <<Outbreak future>>

Ted Sprague Jr. is attempting to explode, Emile Danko abf his team are shooting to the group of heroes, hide behind an helicopter, the agents have killed Sally King and the guys are in really danger...

Jason:- Sparrow, this could be my last chance to talk to you, I...I love you!

Sparrow:- I love you too, Jason!

And they kiss...

Danko:- Stop, agents! Ted, stop!

Ted:- I can't...I can't control it! You've killed Sally

Danko:- I'm sorry, I was you're mother's friend, you was like a son for me, but...does not matter now. Goodbye Ted, guys, fire!

The agents start to shoot, except one, Agent Hornby, that goes away without being seen ...

Agent Carlos:- Where's Frank?

Danko:- He will run away, I always said he was a coward.

Agent Carlos:- Yeah!

<<Oxford Hotel>> <<London, England>> <<Present>>

A man is washing his hands in the bathroom of a hotel, where, in the hall, there is a party for important business men...but another man goes near him...

?:- You're Mr. Angel, right?

Mr. Angel:- Yes, do I know you?

Red Carpet:- My name is Red Carpet.

Mr. Angel:- Red Carpet...good name!

Red Carpet:- I've read on the news about you're plane, it was preceipitating but you aren't hurt, you did not even have parachutes, right?

Mr. Angel:- No, they've "forget" to put them on the plane. I know it was a conspiracy, however I was lucky.

Red Carpet:- A person under you have see a "flying man", fly away. You're hiding something to me, senator?

Mr. Angel:- What do you really want from me?

Red Carpet:- I'm here to stole you're life!

Mr. Angel:- What?

Red Carpet put his hand on Mr. Angel's chest and a blue light invades the room...

<<Outside Airport Castle>> <<Frank Hornby>>

Frank Hornby is on a balcony with his gun pointed at...Danko!

Frank:- I'm sorry, "Hunter", but I can't betray my kind!

And fire, fire to to the agents...Danko is on the ground, and then agents are dead. So, the team exit from the hiding place...

Angie:- Who have do that?

Danko:- I die now...b-but will follow me soon!

Danko die e Ted is exploding...but Frank fire in his head, killing him...

Miranda:- Ted!

Eli:- I want know who the hell have do that!

Mohinder:- Anyoune have do that have help us...Ted would have killed us all!

Eli:- Yes...I know...

Frank:- I've do that!

Caitlin:- Thank you...but, why have you also fire to the agents?

Frank:- Because I'm like you!

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Character Appearances


  • The Red Carpet storyline take place in the Present Timeline, not in the Outbreak future

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