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Angie Drew, Part 3
Web. #: 03
Released: January 10, 2010
For how long, the girls will escape?


  • Girls looking for a new identity.
  • A misleading boy pushes Angie to discover a new side of his ability.

Story Development

Louis Jordan · Las Vegas


Angie and Miranda return to normal by the shape of smoke in which they were thanks to the Miranda's ability.

Miranda:- At school I met a guy who could procure false identities, Louis Jordan, go to him!

Angie:- So we now we will be the fugitive? Super-heroines killer with false identity?

Miranda:- Relax ... we'll do it!

Angie and Miranda are from Louis that offers a deal.

Louis:- $ 20 apiece, decide what will be your name...

Miranda:- The money we've got them, I want to be Miranda Hector...and you, Angie?

Angie:- I want to be ... Angie Rowland!

Louis:- Okay, come back in a few hours ...

A few hours later, the two girls returning from Louis...

Miranda:- Ok, keep the 40 dollars, give us the documents!

Louis:- 40? I want 100! 50 each you!

Angie:- These were not the agreements, Louis!

Louis:- The agreements are changed, girl!

Angie enters the water in a glass on the desk of Louis and his hand turns into it...then with the hand throws a punch to the boy...

Louis:- What the hell...

While Louis wipes his face from the water, the two girls escape with false identity...

A Few Days Later... <<Las Vegas>>

Angie and Miranda arrive in Las Vegas with a car driven by Miranda...

Miranda:- Here, our ways part!

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Memorable Quotes

"These were not the agreements, Louis!"

"The agreements are changed, girl!"

-- Angie, Louis Jordan

Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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