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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Webisode:Ice King, Part 1

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Ice King, Part 6
Web. #: 06
Released: April 3, 2010


Story Development

Ben Suvverman · Fire breathing


<<Jason & Ben Suvverman>> <<Cambridge, England>>

Jason and Ben Suvverman are playing a Basket match in front of Jason's house...

Ben:- 22-25, you've win again!

Jason:- Ahah! Now, come back inside the house, I'm hungry. Emma have cooked somethng before she goes in London.

Ben:- So, in two months you get married?

Jason:- Yes! Listen...yesterday, at the gym, I felt...strange!

Ben:- You're friend Jack's death...

Jason:- John!

Ben:- John...have shocked you, you're not the same since then.

Jason:- No, don't worry! I'm fine!

Ben:- Listen...take this.

From his backpack, Ben take two airplane tickets...

Jason:- What...?

Ben:- Tomorrow, may 12, is your birthday. That's my gift for you, two tickets for Venice for you and Emma.

Jason:- Really thanks, brother!

And they embrace...

Jason:- I have to show you a thing, give me a glass.

Jason touch the glass...and it freeze...

Ben:- That's a strange family...

Jason:- Why?

Ben:- Follow me!

Jason and Ben exit from the house and Ben breath fire...and then he smile...

Jason:- Wow!

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