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Dying of the Colors
Volume: One
Episode Number: 111
First aired: February 18, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Relations
Next episode: The Hunter


  • The team arrives at Angie's room.
  • Mohinder face the death.

Story Development

Luke Skyland · Sally King · Jeremy Greer · Ted Sprague Jr. · Evan Collins · Healing touch · Super speed


Miranda:- There!...Is mine!

Caitlin:- With your power? How can you kill someone with your power?

Miranda:- Watch and learn

So Miranda turns in smoke and goes up in front of the agent who coughs and she goes into the mouth of the agent...

Mohinder:- What the hell...

The agent coughs again and falls to the ground with a cut on his stomach from where some smoke comes out...Miranda...who back human...

Mohinder:- How did you do that?

Miranda:- Easy, I have always a little knife with me and I turned it in smoke with me, then, within,I have become normal only the hand with the knife and then I cut the agent and went out.

Caitlin:- Wow!

Jason:- C'mon, go to the last...!

Mohinder approaches the latest agent who was shot...

Mohinder:- Hey dude!

The agent turns around and hits very raplidly Suresh shooting him in the belly...then more quickly hits Mohinder in the back with the handle of the gun...

Caitlin:- No!

And fired with his gun at the shoulder of the agent who falls to the ground and faints...

Sparrow:- Mohinder! Mohinder, please!

Meanwhile, Jason enters the Angie's room and read some names of other prisoners...:

  • Angie Rowland - Element Mimicry
  • Luke Skyland - Glass Exploding
  • Sally King - Mental Manipulation
  • Jeremy Greer - Healing touch
  • Ted Sprague Jr. - Radiactivity
  • Evan Collins - Aura Revelation

When he sees the name of the Jeremy's power release him from the medicine...

Jeremy:- What...where am I?

Jason:- Come! You have to heal my friend!

Jeremy:- No! I already killed a person, I don't want to kill another!

Jason:- I know what you've feel, but I know you can control your power!

Jeremy:- Ok...

And so the two boys come to Mohinder and Jason makes a nod to Jeremy who heal Mohinder... Then, the team bind the agent to a chair and Sparrow go into the room to leave Angie...

Sparrow:- Angie! Hey, Eli! There's your brother here!

So even Eli goes to free his brother and embrace him...

Eli:- Evan!

Angie:- Sparrow! Jason! Caitlin! Mohinder!

Caitlin:- We've a surpise...

The team move, revealing Miranda...Angie hugs her but the radio of the tied agent starts talking...

Radio:- Agent Carlos, it's all okay?...Carlos?...Carlos?...

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Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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