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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:New Arrivals

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New Arrivals
Volume: One
Episode Number: 107
First aired: January 14, 2010
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 2
Next episode: The Invisible Girl


  • A hero is in danger of death.
  • A new hero is introduced.

Story Development

Martin Beckman · Enhanced accelerated probability · Hiro Nakamura · Adam Monroe


Mohinder:- Jason, hand me my bag, there inside there is a vial of my blood, perhaps the cure!

Jason hand the bag to Mohinder, who injects his blood to Caitlin...

Angie:- Come running to Primatech!

The five run to Primatech...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world ...

Noah:- I need a favor, you have to go to New York, at Primatech Paper, show your power to Suresh and his friend.

Martin:- Yessir!

<<Primatech Paper, New York City>>

Mohinder:- The vital signs are stabilized. Let her rest.

Noise affects a door...

Jason:- I go!

His hands become a blue color as the ice and starts caring about the corridors ...a hand grabbed his arm and next to him...

Martin:- Who are you?

Jason:- Jason Suvverman...who are YOU?

Martin:- My name is Martin, Martin Beckman.

Jason:- You aren't die from the're special?

Martin:- Yes, I can see and to show the variations of every situation...and you?

Jason:- I can freeze the live here?

Martin:- No, I came here to show my power to Suresh and the girl.

Jason:- How can I trust you?

Martin:- You are so against me, you kill me...

Jason:- Ok, I'll take you from others!

The two men came from Angie, Sparrow, Mohinder and Caitlin, just recovered from the virus ...

Angie then turned his hand into wood, causing a bad memory ...

Angie:- Who are you? Let go Jason!

Jason:- It 'all right, Ang, he also has powers, he must show us all ...

Mohinder:- Okay, let us see...

Martin:- I can show you how the world would be without the shanti virus ...

Caitlin:- Show me about Peter!

Martin's eyes turn white and the boys are thrown in a vault but are invisible to people around them: Hiro Nakamura and Adam Monroe...

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Character Appearance

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