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It's Not Over
Volume: One
Episode Number: 113
First aired: March 15, 2010
Daphne Shot Realized300x200.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: The Hunter
Next episode: How to Stop an Exploding Boy


  • The group goes out once and for all by the Airport Castle.
  • Ted loses his control.

Story Development

Lung adaptation · Trainer


Luke Skyland:- Maybe I can help you!

Caitlin:- How?

Luke:- Look!

Luke take a glass and point it with his finger...and it explode...

Luke:- I can make our room's windows explode and somehow we can exit from there.

Sparrow:- I'll make the escape route.

So, they all go to the room...

Caitlin:- C'mon, Luke! It's your turn!

Luke close his eyes, open his hands...

Luke:'- Stay all down!

...rais his arms...and close quickly the hands...make the room's windows explode into small pieces...

Mohinder:- You're great, Luke! Let's go, Sparrow!

Sparrow:- Ok!

Sparrow rais her arms and a earth-made column arrive in front of the window, and Mohinder, Caitlin, Sparrow, Jason, Angie, Eli, Miranda, Evan, Jeremy, Sally, Ted and Luke go on it...

Angie:- Ok, what's our next step?

Caitlin:- Madras, India, from Noah Gray!

Miranda:- How can we go in India?

Jason:- Can't we go in India on a rock, right Sparrow?

Sparrow:- No, Jason.

Danko:- Can I help you?

Ted:- Danko? Waht the hell are you doing here? How did you free?

Danko:- I've got some help...

And some agents exit from a door...

Danko:- We've killed the clones, and the other man.!

Eli:- All down!

All the team hide behind an helicopter...

Ted:- We've to do something...

Sally:- I want try...

Sally exit for a bit from the hiddind place and persuade some agents to commit suicide, but other agents shoots at her...

Ted:- Sally! No!

Ted involuntarily becomes radioactive...reamembering a bad moment to Mohinder...

Mohinder:- No, not again...

Ted:- I can't control it! No...

'A scared group look Ted Sprague Jr...

Ted:- Sally...

Caitlin:- Ted, control yourself!

End of Volume One.jpg

                                                   VOLUME 2: "Events"

<<New York City>>

<<Our time, our timeline...>>

A girl dive in the swimming pool and swim a lot...then, reach the edge...

Trainer:- Fine, now we can check your breathing underwater!

The girl go underwater and stay there for an abnormal time...and then he rise up again...

Trainer:- 18 minutes and 35 second, a new record...that's incerdible, Caitlin!

Caitlin smiles...and come back underwater...

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Character Appearance


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