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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:The Hunter

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The Hunter
Volume: One
Episode Number: 112
First aired: March 8, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Dying of the Colors
Next episode: It's Not Over


  • The team meets Danko.
  • New help is coming.

Story Development

Emile Danko


The guys quickly release the other prisoners in Angie and Evan's room...

Radio:- C'mon Carlos! Is there a problem?

The agent tries to scream but his mouth is gagged...

Radio: You're the only one to tell the password!

Sally:- I look into his mind!

So, Sally looks into his mind but...

Sally:- Nothing. I Can't find anything.

Caitlin:- Of course, they've had a special training.

Radio:- Carlos, I'm coming!

Mohinder:- No...what do we do now? We can't escape, that man is coming!

Evan:- I control when he arrives!

So, Evan continues to use his power to reveal the auras of others to control when the boss of the agents arrives...

Evan:- It's coming!

The agent heard it on the radio and arrives, finding agent Carlos tied to a chair ...

Danko:- What the f...

Ted Sprague Jr., one of the people locked in the room with Angie goes behind the newcomer and takes him by the throat with one hand and tightens him in his chest...

Ted:- Hi Danko, It's been a bit of time from last time.

Danko:- Ted, please, quiet...

Ted:- I don't remember that the last time you've stopped!

Jason:- Calm down Ted, so you're name is Danko?

Jason and the others leave their hiding place...

Danko:- Here we are the fugitives...

Sparrow:- Shut up!

Meanwhile, Danko tries to pull a gun without Ted noticing ... but someone has noticed...

Evan:- Hey! What the hell are you trying to do?

And he throws an aura that stuns him and makes him fall to the ground ...

Eli:- Good job, brother!

Eli replicates himself...

Eli's clone:- We and Evan stay here to check his body!

Caitlin:- Perfect! We can exit from there!

Mohinder:- Wait! We can't exit from the front door, other guards will come and they will reach us! We must find another way out!

Luke Skyland:- Maybe I can help you!

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Character Appearance

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