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Angela Shaw
Angela petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose
In-story stats
Occupation Company president
Children Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli

Angela Shaw is a character appeared in Caitlin's Revenge.

Character History

The First Meeting

Angela is standing together with Peter when he accidentally teleports in the past, leaving Caitlin in the future.

Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 1

Angela dreams the future, and sees that his sister Alice was still alive, but now she's dead with the virus.

Later, Mohinder tells Angela that must reveal something, but she says that the world is not ready yet. Then, as Mohinder goes mad, she yells back that have already believed it once and will not do so again.

Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 2

Two weeks ago, Mohinder talks with Angela about how she hasn't previously warned Hiro, but preferred to stay away. A week ago, however, Mohinder brings in two girls in his lab, which makes pick a power to be injected, so injects synesthesia in Roxanne Nichols. When he see it works, he tells Angela that she must find me a teleporter, she says that he dreamed in an carnival and Mohinder says he will find it. A few days later, while Mohinder tells the phone to Angela who found the teleporter, an agent hits him from behind with a taser and stunning him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Angela can predict the future, dreaming.

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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