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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 2

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Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 2 (A Solution)
Volume: One
Episode Number: 106
First aired: January 7, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 1
Next episode: New Arrivals


  • A man returns in the Company to save the world.
  • The first injection of one ampoule experiment seems to have happened.
  • One solution is imminent ... but it will not last for long.

Story Development

Arnold · Enhanced synesthesia · Mohinder's formula · Sullivan Bros. Carnival · Roxanne Nichols · Agent 3


A Months Ago...<<New York City>>

Angela: They have already thought once, but this is too much for them!

2 Weeks Ago...<<Madras, India>>

Angela:- Do you know why I was sorry for the death of Hiro? Why was the only time traveler stayed. The only one who could fix everything.

Mohinder:- And why did not you warned before?

Angela:- Forgive me if I preferred to stay away rather than dying!

Mohinder:- Yes, but meanwhile the only one who could fix everything is dead!

Angela:- That's why I came here, I need help. We need your formula.

Mohinder:- "We"?

Angela:- Yes, the company has reformed.

Mohinder:- Well, I'll need your files.

Angela:- Welcome back into the Company, Doctor!

1 Week Ago...<<Primatech Paper>>

Angela:- At what point is, sir, are both out here waiting.

Mohinder:- Well, make them enter.

Angela:- Girls, come in!

Mohinder:- Choose the one you want! Is there any kind of ability, browse these files.

Roxanne:- This! Synthn...

Mohinder:- Synesthesia! Is a wonderful power! Lie down on the couch.

Mohinder takes a tape recorder and began to speak...

Mohinder:- Attempt number 1. Patient: Roxanne Nichols. Power to administer: Synesthesia. Serum "S8". The patient is awake and in full possession of his mental faculties. Top injected.

Roxanne begins to twist but then calmed down ...

Mohinder:- How are you, Roxanne?

Roxanne:- Well, I see ... colors! Every single noise ... colors!

Mohinder:- Perfect! Works!

Angela:- Now we just have to find another teleporter, before I slept and dreamed... 60 years ago, a man has working in a place where I was. I dreamed it, he also has the same powers as Hiro!

Mohinder:- Where I can find him?

Angela:- In a Carnival. We have to run!

A few Days Ago...

Mohinder (the phone):- Yes Angela, I have a vial, I found the man, Arnold. Okay, I'll be right!

But an agent arrives at Mohinder behind and hits him with a taser ...

Agent 3 (via radio with another agent):- We've taken.


Sparrow:- She's collapsed to the ground! She's hot!

Mohinder:- Oh, no!

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Memorable Quotes

"Now we just have to find another teleporter, before I slept and dreamed... 60 years ago, a man has working in a place where I was. I dreamed it, he also has the same powers as Hiro!"

--Angela Shaw

Character Appearance


  • According to User:Tanderix, he second patient received the power of replication.

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