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The Invisible Girl
Volume: One
Episode Number: 108
First aired: January 21, 2010
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: New Arrivals
Next episode: Liberation with Aid


  • An alternative history is revealed.
  • A hero is captured by agents.

Story Development

Telekinesis · Power absorption · Arthur Petrelli · Agent 4 · Agent 5 · Matt, Nathan


Mohinder:- This is the Primatech! He is Hiro Nakamura, but the other did not know who he is .... they do not see us?

Martin:- No, we're invisible!

Angie:- Come out to see while they speak...

The five leaving the vault and sees three men ...'

Caitlin:- Peter! Peter it's me, Caitlin!

Jason:- Is useless, he do not feel you...

Caitlin:- Peter! Peter! Come here!

Peter runs toward the vault, and others will follow, Peter locks the vial with telekinesis and picks up ...

Sparrow:- So now everything would be solved?

Martin:- Not really, this is what would happen if the virus had not fallen. The only way to do it materialized is take Caitlin back in time. Let's go a little forward in time ...

<<Pinehearst Research>>

Arthur:- You don't have your powers anymore, Peter... Because I have them now.


Caitlin:- Peter haven't anymore his powers?

Mohinder:- That man can take away the powers!

Martin:- Let's go ahead ...

Few days later...<<Pinehearst Research>>

Peter inject the vial forming the gains his powers and new abilities.

Mohinder:- Also without the Shanti Virus, the formula is being existed!

Caitlin:- Ampoule to give the powers of Hiro has it Noah Gray, as we go to India?

Mohinder:- I have search at the Primatech but...

At one point, the image of Peter is blurred, Martin has collapsed to the ground and an agent with a tranquilizer gun is pointed on Mohinder ...

Angie:- They've found us!

Angie touches the concrete wall and his hand turns into it ...

Agent 4- Stop!

Mohinder:- Sparrow, raises a wall of earth, Jason freeze it!

They execute the orders and a barrier of frozen earth is in front of them ....Mohinder throws a punch to the rock that shatters, the agent direct hit and die...

Mohinder:- Done!

Another agent, however, comes in and hits Angie with a tranquillizing bullet.

Jason:- Angie!

The agent pointing a real gun to the head of Angie holding prisoners ...

Agent 5:- Stand firm or i kill she!

The agent goes out with Angie and salt into a van that goes away ...

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Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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