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Angie Drew, Part 5
Web. #: 05
Released: January 27, 2010
There is always a way out ...


Story Development

Agent 6


Angie and Miranda are divided in Las Vegas, Angie returned to her parents, but is arrested for the Jackie's murder and ends up in prison...

TV:- Tuesday arrested the killer of Jackie Drew, the girl, Angie, had disappeared for many days, but this morning is returned to home to her parents...

Angie:- Great...

Police agent:- Exit, you are free!

And the agent opens the door of the cell ...


Police agent:- They paid the deposit!

Angie:- Who have do that? Who do I thank?

Police agent:- That man over there!

Then Angie goes to talk to him ....

Angie:- But...I don't know you!

Mohinder:- My name is Mohinder Suresh, i'm a geneticist, I urgently need you! You want to talk over a cup of tea?

Angie:- Sure!

The two then go into a bar and ordered two cups of tea ...

Angie:- Why you has so much need of me?

Mohinder:- I know that you have an ability Angie, I just need that you show it to other people, to show that there are people with powers...

So Angie shows the powers as in Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 1 and then returns to his home ...

Approximately One Year after...<<Milan, Italy>>'

Angie (at the Phone):- What the hell are you talking about? Agents? With guns? Come on Louis, I know you just want revenge!

But Louis was not lying, and an agent hits Angie from behind...

Agent 6:- Perfect!

                                               The End

Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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