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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:India

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Volume: Two
Episode Number: 204
First aired: April 04, 2010
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: It's Not Easy
Next episode: Welcome!


  • Louis Jordan make a schocking revelation.
  • Red Carpet is in trouble after meet Andrew Jackson.

Story Development

Andrew Jackson · Space-time manipulation


<<Italy>> <<The Team>>

Tears, tears, agein tears... In Italy, the group is crying on Angie and Miranda's death bodies...

Sparrow:- They were too young...

Jason:- We should say something...Caitlin...

Caitlin:- Okay, Angie, you was a wonderful, you sacrificed so much for me upon death...and you: Miranda. I knew you only from few weeks but were also a true friend.

The group cry again while go on the plane lefting the graves with write:

Angie Rowland/Drew: a sweet girl with a sweet heart.
Miranda James: a true friend Carey Drew: a good mother...

<<Red Carpet & Marco Rossi>> <<Hollywood>>

Red Carpet:- We're arrived, this is Andrew Jackson's home.

Marco:- Let's go inside!

Red Carpet:- No, you rest here.

Marco:- Why?

Red Carpet:- I can do it alone!

Marco:- Okay...

So, Red Carpet exit from the car and go in the house...

Andrew:- Sorry, do I know you?

Red Carpet:- No, but I know you.

Andrew:- What did you want?

Red Carpet:- Stole your ability!

<<The Team>>

Eli:- Why...why you killed them?

Louis:- Revenge.

Eli:- Revenge for what?

Louis:- The agents belived I was "special", like you. They hold up and tortured me. Then, at the end they've understood I was "normal".

Mohinder:- You waited Angie upon now? How did you do that? You will be the inly people remaind in Italy!

Louis:- I wanted revenge...I knew that people with powers can't die for the virus, but we can. So I developed an antidote and I gived it to the Drew family. Then I build up the bomb, I put it into the house and I waited. Watching peoples die, all around me.

Mohinder:- You had the antidote and you didn't gived it to anyone?

Louis:- I only wanted revenge...and I've got it!

Caitlin:- You're a monster!

Caitlin take her gun and point it to Louis' head...

Frank:- Cailtim, stop!

Caitlin:- Where's the antidote?

Louis:- A vial is in my trousers.

Caitlin:- Ok, thanks.

Caitlin shot to Louis and take the vial...then, all the team go again on the plane...

<<Red Carpet & Andrew Jackson>> <<Hollywood>>

Andrew:- You can't kill me.

Red Carpet:- Why?

Andrew:- I can stop time before you can touch me. And I will do that.

Andrew stops time...go in his kitchen and take a knife, come back to Red Carpet and put the knife into Red Carpet's chest...the run away and restart time...

Red Carpet:- Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

<<The Team>>

Frank:- With this fuel can arrive in India, our destination!

Caitlin:- Thanks, Frank

So, Frank make the plane start...directed to India...

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Characters Appearance

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