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Noah Gray
Caitlin-Noah Gray.jpg
Portrayed by Tom Felton
First appearance Hoping for a Power
In-story stats
Formal name Noah Jackson Gray
Parents Sylar, Rebecca Carson

Noah Gray is Sylar's son who have stole a vial from Mohinder.

Character History

Hoping for a Power

Mohinder tells the story of Noah: his lack of ability and desire to have on that drove him to steal the vial.


Jason begins to read the note written by Noah directed to Mohinder.

New Arrivals

Noah sends Martin Beckman to show his powers to Mohinder and Caitlin, Martin agrees and leaves.

It's Not Over

After have libered the guys from the Airport Castle, Angie ask what is their next step and Caitlin says who they havo go to India, by Noah Gray.

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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