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Volume: One
Episode Number: 104
First aired: December 25, 2009
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Hoping for a Power
Next episode: Once Upon a Time the Virus, Part 1


Story Development

Primatech Research · Noah's note


Angie touches a lamp made of iron and her hand turns into it...

Angie:- I'll do it!

Angie opens the door and does not see a year to that part...nothing...but then looks down...

Angie:- There is a corpse here, come and see!

Jason:- There is a note, I'll read it:

"Dear Doctor, do you remember me, Noah Gray, the boy whose heart you broke, you promised me powers and instead ...I've stolen the vial, from you? Come to the place where we met the first time in India. Sincerely, Noah Gray."

Jason:- How do we get to India?

Mohinder:- We need to find someone at Primatech, here in New York. There are many files on people with abilities.

Sparrow:- Of course! We need a teleporter!

Mohinder:- Yeah, I know one, in Japan, but he died a victim of the virus .... Hiro ... I feel sorry for that man.

Sparrow:- Come!

And five out ...

Caitlin:- New York seems so strange, so empty...

Angie:- Although we still struggle to believe...

Mohinder:- The building is this one, run!

Caitlin:- Why are you not dead?

Mohinder:- Apparently, the antibodies of the blood resist the virus with us.

Jason:- There he is!

Sparrow:- Guys, stop!

The others turn to Sparrow ... and Caitlin is on the ground.

Sparrow:- She's collapsed to the ground! She's hot!

Mohinder:- Oh, no!

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Memorable Quotes

"Why are you not dead?"

"Apparently, the antibodies of the blood resist the virus within us."

--Caitlin, Mohinder

"...I know onw, in Japan, but he died a victim of the virus .... Hiro ... I feel sorry for that man."


Character Appearance


  • According to Mohinder, Hiro Nakamura died from the virus.

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