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Rendez-vous with the Devil
Volume: Two
Episode Number: 206
First aired: June 01, 2010
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Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Welcome!
Next episode: The Evil's Origins


  • The heroes' team VS the element brothers' team

Story Development

The Three Brothers · Alan Clark · Bill Clark · Robert Clark · Alan's ability · Egypt


<<Noah Gray & Nicholas Matassa>> <<India>>

Noah:- The brothers are ready?

Nicholas:- Yes.

Noah:- Send them from Caitlin, they're in trap. In my trap.

Nicholas:- Ok.

<<The Team>> <<India>>

The team is in two cars, when, in the street appears 3 men. The one in the left makes his hands burn, the second turns his hands blue and the third, in the centre, seems don't have special skills...

Alan:- We are the three brothers or "Element Brothers". I'm Alan, the "hot" boy is Bill and the one at my left is Robert.

Caitlin:- What do you want from us? We're go to Noah Gray.

Bill:- You'll never arrive from him!

Bill run from Eli and Mohinder with hot hands...

Mohinder:- It's up to you, Eli!

Eli:- Ok...I'm ready!

Eli clones himself and surround Bill...

Bill: - I'm more clever than you...

Bill throw a flame in the true Eli's direction...making him burn...

Eli:- Oh my god...oh my god! I'm burning up!

Jason:- I'm coming!

Jason takes a cover and runs to Eli, ma Robert is standing in front of him...

Jason:- Let me go!

Robert:- No.

Jason let drop the cover and punch Robert. He takes a tube from the ground and throw it to Jason...he take him and frezze it...

Jason:- Caitlin, take the cover and give it to Eli!

Eli:- Please, help me...

Caitlin:- I'm coming! Hey...were is Frank?

Sparrow:- I don't know...I'll go to find him!

Alan, the group's boss, go in front of Caitlin and the "hot" Eli...

Caitlin:- You're also special?

Alan:- Yes.

Caitlin:- What did you do? You move the earth? The water? The air?

Alan:- No, something ability is a gift...and a curse.

Alan close his hands and the tubes in Jason and Robert's hands and Eli's fire disappers...


ELi falls to the ground...burnt...dead...

Caitlin:- Eli! No!

'<<Andrew Jackson & Marco Rossi>> <<Egypt>> <<2000 b.C.>>

Marco:- Why you take me there?

Andrew:- Why you followed Red Carpet?

Marco:- He would killed me and then I told him that I knew where to find other specials.

Andrew:- You really know were to find them?

Marco:- Yes, there is a company, it keeps files about a lot of people like us. YOu want to left me there? 2000 years in the past?

Andrew:- No, but you have to promise me that he'll doesn't kill me.

Marco:- Ok.

<<Frank Hornby and Sparrow Redhouse>> <<India>>

Sparrow:- What are you doing here?

Frank is on a roof with a sniper rifle...

Sparrow:- You want to kill the brothers? We're to far from...oh...I forget...

Frank:- This is the only good place...wait...I got it...Boom!

Frank shoot to Bill and Robert...

Alan:- No, please, I surrender...

Frank and Sparrow come back form the others...

Alan:- Why you didn't shoot me?

Frank:- You have to become one of us!

Alan:- No!

Frank:- Ok, so I kill you.

Alan:- No, wait! Fine, I'll come with you...

Nicholas:- Betrayer!

Caitlin:- Who're you?

Nicholas:- I'm Nicholas Matassa, I work for Noah Gray, he is waiting you. At 4pm at Chennai (or Madras) University.

Mohinder:- We'll be there!

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Character Appearance

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