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Water Manipulation
Elisa appears in front of her parnter.
Originally held by: Elisa Douglas
Absorbed by: Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Generate, manipulate and mimic all forms of water.

Water Mimicry is the ability to mimic the density of water as well as generate it outwards from one's body.



Elisa Douglas

Elisa has great control over this ability and is able to dematerialize herself within seconds. (Special). As her watery state, Elisa is able to move with great speed and can expand herself until she is a powerful wave of water. (Escape). She is able to rematerialize herself instantly and can materialize other items such as tazers or guns. (Infiltration)

Recently she has been able to generate water outwardly from her body. When doing this she is able to produce enough water to knock back several men at once. (After The Fall). Since then, Elisa's skill over her ability appears to have decreased, as she drenched an apple in water without realising it and was unable to stop her hands from becoming water.

Joshua Lincoln

After absorbing this ability, Joshua was able to instantly dematerialize into a watery state and was able to seep through the floorboards with great ease. Since then, he has gained enough control to materialize himself and move along great distances with ease. (Special, Villains)


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