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Luke Skyland
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Dying of the Colors
In-story stats
Known ability Glass exploding
Sibling Unnamed sister

Luke Skyland is a man liberated by the team from the Airport Castle.

Character History

Dying of the Colors

Luke's name appear on the prisoners list. Later, he was liberated with the others.

The Hunter

When the team don't know how to exit from Airport Castle, he says that maybe he can help them.

It's Not Over

In this episode, Luke help the team to exit from the Airport Castle making the room's windows explode. Later, he watch Ted Sprague Jr. explode.

How to Stop an Exploding Boy

Luke, scared, watch Ted and Danko's death both by Frank Hornby.

A Strange and Unlucky Family

Luke says to the team that he and Jeremy will go to Luke's sister and not go on the plane with them

Evolved Human Abilities

Luke can makes all the glass explode.

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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