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Louis Jordan
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First appearance Angie Drew, Part 3
In-story stats
Occupation Student

Louis Jordan is a student who sells false identities.

Character History

Angie Drew, Part 3

Angie and Miranda came to him and ask him for false identity, he makes an estimate of $ 20 per person and tell them the names of the next identity. Louis then returns an hour later but fools the girls and increase the price at 50 apiece, then Angie uses her power and turns the hand into the water. Then Angie throws a punch at Louis, and while the boy wipes, Angie and Miranda run away with the identity.

Angie Drew, Part 5

Louis called Angie to tell her that agents with guns are coming to fetch her, but she does not believe erroneously, believing that he just wants revenge.

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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