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Families abilities
Fire breathing show.jpg
The Bowmans breath fire.


Petrelli and Shaw family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Arthur Petrelli Arthur Petrelli.jpg Ability manipulation Catalyst.jpg Deceased
Angela Petrelli Angela petrelli.jpg Precognitive dreaming Dream in Orientation.JPG Alive
Nathan Petrelli Nathanpetrelli.jpg Flight Powers flight SOG.JPG Deceased
Peter Petrelli MiloVentimiglia.jpg Original:
Empathic mimicry
Ability replication
Powers peter replicate matt.JPG Alive
Mr. Shaw Mr. Shaw.jpg Seismic burst Shockwave.JPG Deceased
Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Shaw.jpg Telepathy Blank.jpg Deceased
Alice Shaw ALICE.jpg Weather control Thunder1.jpg Alive

Parkman family and Walker family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Maury Parkman Mr parkman.jpg Telepathy Powers Maury Daphne proves Linderman is a figment.jpg Deceased
Tracy Chobham Tracy chobham.jpg Original:
Space-time manipulation
Blank.jpg Alive
Matt Parkman, Sr. MattParkman.JPG Telepathy Daphne Matt Moontrip.jpg Alive
Daphne Millbrook Daphne Millbrook.jpg Super speed DaphneRuns.JPG Deceased
Daniella Parkman Daniella Parkman.jpg Creativity Blank.jpg Exist in alternate future
Matt Parkman, Jr. Matt Parkman Jr..jpg Animation Baby Matt Parkman's Power.jpg Alive
Ida May Walker Iseeoldpeople.jpg Mediumship Blank.jpg Deceased
Jonathan Walker Ben Franklin in 1752.jpg Sedation Blank.jpg Deceased
James Walker James alive.JPG Freezing Blank.jpg Deceased
Molly Walker Molly walker.jpg Clairvoyance Powers molly clairvoyance1.jpg Alive

Bennet family and Gordon family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Claire Bennet Clairebennet.jpg Rapid cell regeneration Regeneration.jpg Alive
Meredith Gordon Meredith Gordon.jpg Pyrokinesis Meredith explodes and dies.jpg Deceased
Flint Gordon, Jr. Flint.jpg Pyrokinesis 0308-flint-pops-popcorn.jpg Deceased

Sanders family, Hawkins family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Susan Amman Unnamed woman 2.jpg Forcefields Blank.jpg Deceased
Paula Gramble Unnamed woman 3.jpg Movement suspension Blank.jpg Deceased
Paulette Hawkins MrsHawkins.jpg Ability supercharging Ability augmentation.JPG Deceased
George Hawkins Blank.jpg Creativity Blank.jpg Deceased
D.L. Hawkins D.L..jpg Phasing Powers dl nikis cell.jpg Deceased
Niki Sanders NikiSanders.jpg Enhanced strength Strength 6.jpg Deceased
Jessica Jessica.jpg Enhanced strength Powers jessica hal.jpg Deceased
Micah Sanders Micah.jpg Technopathy Powers micah.jpg Alive

Strauss family, Dawson family and Zimmerman family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Tracy Strauss Mid Photo Promo 012.jpg Freezing Tracy tries to save Micah(2).JPG Alive
Samantha Zimmerman Samantha Eventor.jpg Body insertion Blank.jpg Alive
Barbara Zimmerman Barbara.jpg Extraskeletal manipulation Blank.jpg Alive
The German Spoiler20080917.jpg Magnetism Powers Magnetism.JPG Deceased
Nana Dawson Nana.jpg Unknown Blank.jpg Alive
Charlotte Dawson Monica's mother.jpg Animal control Blank.jpg Deceased
Monica Dawson Monica.jpg Adoptive muscle memory Adoptive muscle memory.jpg Alive

Suresh family and Herrera family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Mohinder Suresh Mohindersuresh.jpg Enhanced strength Mohinder rips taxi door.jpg Alive
Shanti Suresh Shanti Suresh.jpg Unknown Blank.jpg Deceased
Maya Herrera Maya.jpg Poison emission (lost) Powers maya hard habit to break.jpg Alive
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro.jpg Alejandro's ability Powers alejandro police station.jpg Deceased

Masahashi family and Nakamura family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Kaito Nakamura Hirosdad.jpg Accelerated probability Kaito's ability.jpg Deceased
Ishi Nakamura Ishi nakamura.jpg Healing(lost) Holy Kiss.jpg Deceased
Kimiko Nakamura Kimiko nakamura.jpg Super intelligence Blank.jpg Alive
Ando Masahashi Ando masahashi.jpg Ability supercharging Ando supercharges Daphne into time-travel speed.jpg Alive
Hiro Nakamura Hironakamura.jpg Space-time manipulation Powers hiro.jpg Alive
Charlie Andrews Charlie.jpg Eidetic memory Power eidetic memory.jpg Unknown

Company founder's family (I)

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Charles Deveaux Charles Deveaux.jpg Telepathy Charles uses his ability in the dinner.jpg Deceased
Rufus Pratt Electromagnetic SWAT.JPG Aura absorption Powers Linda dream man.jpg Deceased
Daniel Linderman Linderman face.jpg Healing touch Powers linderman 2.jpg Deceased
Olga Tscherkasov Target3-5.jpg Terrakinesis Sparrow Eye Alteration.jpg Unknown
Zan Hahn Dai.jpg Aerokinesis Blank.jpg Alive

Company founder's family (II)

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Carlos Mendez
Unknown man.jpg Pyrokinesis Powers Maarten throws flames.jpg Deceased
Millie Houston Millie.jpg Duplication Duplication Fan.jpg Alive
Isaac Mendez IsaacMendezSMALL.jpg Precognition Precognition.jpg Deceased
Robert Bishop Bob.jpg Alchemy Trustthemidastouch.JPG Deceased
Elle Gracia Kristen Bell.jpg Electric manipulation DHSElectro.JPG Deceased
Elle Bishop Elle.jpg Electric manipulation Precision.jpg Deceased
Harry Fletcher Unknown man 2.jpg Agony and paralysis Fan Agony & Paralysis.jpg Deceased
Yvonne Fletcher Target4-2.jpg Tactile mind control Blank.jpg Deceased
Leona Mills Leona Mills.jpg Age transferal Age Transferralpic.jpg Alive
Rachel Mills Rachel Mills.jpg Teleportation Teleportation.jpg Alive

Gray family and Wallace family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Amos Blake Blank.jpg Intuitive aptitude Blank.jpg Deceased
Martin Gray Martin Gray.jpg Shadow mimicry
Sylar enters Martin Gray's Watch Shop.jpg Alive
Kenneth Wallace Magnetismterrorist.jpg Magnetism Powers hand magnetism.jpg Deceased
Samson Gray Samson Gray.jpg Intuitive aptitude Blank.jpg Deceased
Vanessa Wallace Sylar's mother.jpg Telekinesis Blank.jpg Deceased
Gabriel Gray
Sylar face.jpg Intuitive aptitude Powers sylar aptitude.jpg Alive
Noah Gray Noah Gray (exposed future).jpg Noah's ability Blank.jpg Deceased
Exist in alternate future

Carnival member's family

Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
Chris Bowman Chris.jpg Fire breathing Carnie.jpg Alive
Gail Bowman Gail.jpg Fire breathing Fire Breathing in Strange Attractors.JPG Alive
Jennie Bowman Jennie.jpg Fire breathing Fire breathing in Slow Burn.JPG Alive
Mrs. Sullivan Mrs. Sullivan.jpg Precognition Blank.jpg Deceased
Joseph Sullivan Joseph Sullivan.jpg Joseph's ability Joseph's ability.jpg Deceased
Samuel Sullivan SamuelSullivan.jpg Terrakinesis Terrakinesis in Strange Attractors (2).JPG Alive
Edgar Edgar.jpg Super speed Edgar kills Danko.jpg Alive
Lydia Lydia.jpg Empathy Powers Lydia sees claire sylar peter.jpg Deceased
Amanda Strazzulla Lydia's daughter.jpg Spontaneous combustion Sp. combustion in 414 (1).JPG Alive
Ernie Crum
Arnold.jpg Space-time manipulation Arnold Charlie teleport.jpg Deceased
Melvin Crum Target1-2.jpg Memory manipulation Blank.jpg Deceased


  • Some relationships, abilities and characters are fictional, and should not be considered canon.




Character Character image Ability Ability image Situation
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