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Fan Creation:Clacy

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Claire bonds with tracy 410.jpg
Claire and Tracy bond.

Clacy is the fan-coined term used to describe the relationship between Claire Bennet and Tracy Strauss.


Eris Quod Sum

At Peter's apartment, Claire is helping Peter with his wounds when Nathan and Tracy enter. The four of them have a discussion about Pinehearst and what Arthur Petrelli is up to.

Brother's Keeper

Claire arrives at Noah's apartment with her laundry, but finds the door frozen up. She also sees some shattered ornaments. Tracy shows herself and Claire lashes out at her, thinking her an intruder. Tracy tells Claire to calm herself, and explains to Claire that she's losing control over her ability. Claire helps her by stripping her and putting her into a bath, which then freezes over as well. Tracy then freezes Claire and snaps off her foot (accidentally), but Claire heals. Tracy is amused by this and soon regains her composure.

Memorable Quotes

"I heal. It's, like, what I do."

- Claire (to Tracy)

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