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Fan Creation:Hithan

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Nathan the silencer.JPG
Nathan silences Hiro.

Hithan, also known as "Nathro" and "Hirthan", is a fan-created term describing the relationship between Nathan Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura.



Hiro sits at the Fly By Night Diner. As he casually glances out the window, he sees Nathan fly and land outside. With an excited look on his face, he waves to Nathan as he comes in. Hiro says to Nathan in broken English that he saw him fly and that he too is special and can bend time and space. He also tells him about the explosion, but Nathan writes him off. Nathan asks if he knows the results of the election is, and Hiro responds that Nathan wins "in a mudslide". Hiro then asks if he can have a ride back to the Montecito.


Hiro and Ando walk into Isaac's apartment and see Nathan talking to Simone. At this sight, Hiro yells "Flying man!". He and Nathan talk about the impending explosion and look at the painting of a man exploding. Nathan asks what causes the explosion and Hiro guesses that he has powers too.


After Hiro is denied access to the Corinthian, he sits dejectedly outside. Nathan walks up to him, and Hiro ecstatically greets him. Nathan asks about Ando, and Hiro replies that he went home. They discuss caring for other people and how they can get hurt. Nathan then lets Hiro past security.


On the way to Jittetsu Arms, Hiro flags Nathan down and tries to get him to help stop the bomb. When Nathan refuses and says that the bomb can't be stopped, Hiro calls him a "villain".


At Primatech Paper Company, Hiro is reunited with the flying man.


Nathan turns his back on his friendship with Hiro, and offers the President information regarding Hiro and his ability.

Memorable Quotes

"Flying man! Whoosh!"

- Hiro (to Nathan) (Hiros)

"When I first met you, I thought you were nuts."

"It's okay. I thought you were mean. But now I know you pretend you do not care about anyone. But you really care too much."

- Nathan, Hiro (Parasite)

"You already bad guy! You are villain! Villain! Villain!"

- Hiro (to Nathan) (Landslide)

"Frying man!"

- Hiro (to Nathan) (Powerless)


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