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Tracy and Nathan talk

Trathan is a fan-created term which describes the relationship between Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss.


The Second Coming

Tracy walks out of Robert Malden's bedroom, sees Nathan on screen and says she likes him.

The Butterfly Effect

Tracy suggests to Malden that Nathan would be a good choice for a senate position they're trying to fill. Malden's apprehensive due to Nathan's resignation of his congressional seat, but Tracy assures him that she can deflect attention. She reminds him that Nathan was shot, came back to life and thanks God for it, and Malden retorts that politics and religion aren't something you should mix. Tracy reminds him that she's not paid to sleep with him, but paid to advise him, and she strongly advises him to appoint Nathan as the junior Senator from New York.

Nathan prays next to a window when Tracy walks in. Nathan wonders what she's doing there, and calls her Niki. Tracy seems confused, and Nathan reminds her of the time he had in Las Vegas with Niki. Tracy reassures him that she is in fact Tracy Strauss, and works for Governor Malden. She offers him the senate position, and he tells her he'll think about it. As she leaves, Linderman tells Nathan that he should take her offer. Linderman reiterates that she is not Niki, but maybe there's a reason someone so familiar looking is offering him the change of a lifetime.

Later Tracy pulls up in her car when she receives a phone call from Nathan, who accepts the offer, so long as Tracy is his assistant. When she is accosted again by the reporter who has a copy of the Corinthian video showing Jessica in the bedroom with Nathan. Tracy again denies that the tape is of herself, but the reporter tells her that he's going to release the story. Tracy grapples with him when suddenly the reporter begins to freeze and turn to ice. He falls and shatters into small pieces, to which Tracy is shocked, then leaves with the video.

I Am Become Death

Nathan finishes a prayer, and sees that Tracy is in his office. He asks if she found what she was looking for, and she tells him she found her resignation. She tells him that she's figured out what she must do, then leaves. Linderman appears, and tells Nathan that he has to pray for her. Later, Tracy stands on a bridge about to jump. She leaps, only to be caught by Nathan, and the two fly away.

Tracy and Nathan get drinks at Tracy's apartment. Nathan asks if she's okay, and she tells him no. She wonders about his ability to fly, and she shows Nathan her own ability by freezing his glass. Nathan holds her hands and notes that they aren't even cold, and then the two kiss.

Angels and Monsters

Nathan and Tracy are in bed and Nathan wonders about all the changes in his life. He's happy that God has given him a second chance. He then gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen, where he finds Linderman waiting for him. Nathan believes Linderman is a hallucination but Linderman vaguely assures him that he's not. Linderman claims to have been sent from a higher power to warn Nathan that Tracy was in danger, but Nathan doesn't believe it. Tracy comes out and asks who Nathan is talking to. He claims he is just clearing his head.

Tracy is leaving Nathan's apartment and clearly something is bothering her. Nathan finally gets her to admit that she killed the Washington DC reporter by accident. She wants to turn herself in but he warns that no one will believe her claim, and reminds her that he was shot when he tried to go public with his ability. He still insists that it was God that brought him back from the dead and gave him his powers. Tracy tells him that she got her powers from Dr. Zimmerman.

Nathan and Tracy go to the Primatech facility where Angela is keeping Peter sedated. She warns that now that Peter has Sylar's ability, they are in serious trouble. She knows about Zimmerman and says they have no way to reverse his experimentation on Tracy. She explains that Zimmerman helped the Company develop a synthetic ability drug and Tracy, Niki, and Barbara were some of his test subjects. She also informs Nathan that his ability to fly came from similar experimentation.

Nathan reads the Company files on the synthetic ability experiments. Angela explains that Arthur Petrelli was disappointed that Nathan didn't have the genetic code for special powers, so authorized experimentation to give him flight. Angela apologizes for the experiments on Tracy and says they tried to make amends by splitting the formula in half so no one could recreate it. Now someone has stolen both halves and she wants Tracy to help them get it back. Nathan is furious and leaves, and Tracy goes with him. Outside, Nathan suggests they go to Mohinder for help. Tracy is wary about asking him for help, but Nathan assures her that Mohinder is completely harmless.

Dying of the Light

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinder's apartment and ask to see him. He invites them in and he believes that Tracy is actually Niki. They explain that Tracy is Niki’s sister, one of triplets, and that she gained her powers from treatments perfected by Dr. Zimmerman. She demonstrates her freezing power, and Mohinder, intrigued, agrees to examine them. Mohinder gives first Tracy and then Nathan injections which he claims are DNA markers. However, Tracy collapses unconscious and Nathan starts to fall down. He lunges at Mohinder and falls into the next room. Before he can do anything further, the drug takes full effects and Nathan passes out.

Mohinder prepares to experiment on Nathan and Tracy. Tracy says that she understands what he’s going through, and that everything just got out of his control. She suggests that Daphne’s employers can give him the answers she needs, and she understands what it’s like to be considered a monster. She offers him her hand and he takes it. Tracy then freezes his hand, sending him reeling back. She freezes the strap and breaks it, then frees Nathan. Mohinder recovers and throws a lab bench at them, and says that it’s not over yet.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder threatens Tracy and Nathan, and Tracy summons her freezing power. Mohinder pleads for one more sample so he can relieve Maya of her power. When they refuse, he leaps over them, rips Maya from her cocoon, and leaves through the skylight.

Later, Nathan and Tracy consider Mohinder’s cocooned victims and wonder if they can be freed. Mark Spatney reaches out for Tracy, but Meredith and Noah arrive and Noah tasers Spatney unconscious.

The Company is removing Mohinder’s victims from his lab while Nathan admits that Mohinder injected them with a tranquilizer. Noah wants them to come in to the Company for testing. Nathan takes a call while Meredith warns Tracy to watch out for Nathan. Tracy says they’re not together but Meredith is skeptical.

It's Coming

Nathan and Tracy arrive outside Pinehearst Headquarters, and he remembers a cabin called Pinehearst where Arthur took Nathan and Peter fishing. Tracy says there may be a reason Arthur kept his existence secret, but Nathan says he has to know the truth and see his father if he’s alive. They go to Arthur’s office and meet him. Arthur asks him to come give him a hug and Nathan cautiously circles him. Arthur addresses Tracy by name and shakes hands with her. Nathan asks if Arthur knows what he did to the family and Arthur admits he should have told Nathan what Nathan's role was in all this. Arthur asks Tracy to step outside so he can talk alone with his son.

Nathan leaves Pinehearst, telling Tracy what Arthur told him. Tracy says that he’s a senator with a constituency relying on him. She tells him to snap out of it and they need to go to the Department of Justice, but Nathan notes that the last time he tried to go public, his brother came back from the future to shoot him. Nathan says he’s going to Primatech to check on his mother and flies off. Tracy goes back into Arthur’s office and says she thinks they can help each other. She wants him to protect her and in return, she explains that he needs a public face since everyone believes he’s dead. Tracy says Nathan can be that face, but he’s on the fence, and she can push him over.

Our Father

At Pinehearst, Tracy is talking to Arthur when Nathan comes into the office and wonders what Tracy is doing there. She says she’s there to do her job and find him opportunities. Arthur wonders what Nathan is doing there and he says he now agrees with Arthur's vision but he's going to take over Pinehearst and will work out of his office. When Arthur points out he made Nathan, Nathan says that Arthur wouldn't have gone to the trouble of setting him up if Nathan wasn't important to him. Tracy supports Nathan, saying Arthur wanted a legitimate face for Pinehearst. Arthur reluctantly agrees.

As they talk in the corridor, Nathan says that he's angry at Tracy for going behind his back. She insists she's on her side and Arthur's vision will put Nathan in the White House with her as First Lady. As they walk away, Knox and Flint watch them. Nathan and Tracy go into a basement facility and explains that in the past powers have gone to people at random, but now they've chosen the best. She shows him the platoon of 50 Marines that she recruited assembled from Parris Island.

Later, Tracy and Nathan go into Mohinder's laboratory and watch as Arthur releases the catalyst into the partially-completed formula. Arthur smiles in triumph and asks if they’re ready to change the world. They inject Scott with the formula, and Scott breaks free of his bonds with enhanced strength and manages to regain control of himself. Nathan asks how he feels. He stands up and yanks the chair out of the floor and throws it through the glass, embedding it in the opposite wall, then says he feels good.


As Nathan engages in a fight with Knox, Tracy arrives in the knick of time to freeze and shatter Knox. Tracy says Nathan needs to get out of Pinehearst, and Nathan objects they need to stop Peter from destroying the formula. Tracy tells Nathan that the situation is still deniable and he can't be associated with the disaster. She says if they can find the formula, they can start over. He's reluctant to run away but she says he hired her because she's a realist. He tells her she’s fired and leaves.

A Clear and Present Danger

Tracy watches Nathan on television as he is talking about a national threat.

Trust and Blood

At the Flight 195 crash site, Tracy calls Nathan and tells him that she can give him Peter if he will give her life back. They set up a rendezvous at the historic site of the battle of Russellville, planning to trap him. Naturally, Nathan sees the trap coming and brought some of "his team", including the Hunter and Noah, with him. A standoff ensues in which Noah repeatedly refuses to take a kill shot on Peter while he holds a gun to Nathan's head. In an earlier conversation with Tracy, Peter explained that he can only take one power by touch now. As soon as he picks up a new power, the last one is gone. He takes the opportunity of being in contact with Nathan to steal his power and fly away. Tracy tries to bargain, but is taken prisoner once again.

43 hours later, after Angela hangs up on Nathan, he heads to a truck inside which a hooded figure is sitting; he removes the hood to reveal that the figure is Tracy. He makes a speech about how he is doing the right thing for everyone, before reattaching a drug shunt into Tracy's nose and walking away in darkness.

Building 26

Abby Collins finds Tracy Strauss shackled to a chair in a room full of powerful heaters. Abby recognizes Tracy from a stint as a lobbyist for a defense company, and tells Nathan she's not an enemy. She tells Nathan she'll be filing a complaint against him at the Justice department -- for humans rights violations, such as torture. Abby tells Nathan that his operation will be shut down and Nathan explains why it shouldn't be. Tracy, who pulled free of her chains by way of a mysteriously loose bracket, has escaped, and the two of them go to check it out. Tracy has a hostage but before he can escape, she freezes him, and he shatters against the wall. Abby looks on in shock as Tracy is sedated and recaptured; Abby then tells Nathan he will have all the funding he needs.

Tracy is shackled to the chair again and Nathan states she won't escape ever again. Tracy accuses him of loosening her chain and unlocking the door so she would escape. She vows to succeed next time.

Shades of Gray

Nathan confronts Danko about the Parkman bomb, and tells him he'll make sure he's removed from his position. Danko plays back the recording of Tracy yelling that Nathan is "one of us". Nathan arranged for Tracy to be transferred to Building 26, and as she is marched back in, she sees a message from Rebel telling her to have hope because help is coming.

Nathan then enters Tracy's cell, and whispers to her that he is her only hope to stay alive. Danko bursts in and once Nathan has left, questions Tracy himself. Tracy says that Nathan was "lousy in bed", but when Danko asks if he has an ability, she says she has no idea what he's talking about.

Memorable Quotes

"You're one of us, Nathan! You're one of us!"

- Tracy (to Nathan) (Trust and Blood)

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