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Fan Creation:Sydia

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Sylar and Lydia talk.

"Sydia" is a fan-created word to describe the relationship between Lydia and Sylar.


Tabula Rasa

Lydia helps Samuel show Sylar around the carnival. They do some hands-on work, where Lydia flirts with Sylar. Edgar becomes upset at this.

That night, Lydia attends Sylar's baptism into the carnival. After the baptism, Sylar and Lydia share drinks, and Lydia then takes Sylar into her trailer.


Lydia worriedly reports to Samuel that Sylar is gone.

Let it Bleed

Sylar and Lydia have an intimate encounter in which Lydia reads Sylar and learns of his fears and Sylar empathicaly absorbs empathy from Lydia and learns she's trying to manipulate him after reading her.

Memorable Quotes

"It's nice having you here. We don't see a new face among us that often, especially one so handsome."

- Lydia (to Sylar) (Tabula Rasa)


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