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Fan Creation:Heroes Side Story

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Heroes Side Story
We know about the heroes in the show, but what about the heroes we don't hear about?

Heroes Side Story is a fan-produced series that follows the lives of heroes we don't see or hear about on the show .



Characters Abilities
Johnny Benson Instinctive Movement
Darrel Raiden None
Keira Cartell Matter Transmutation
Joey Cartell None
"John Doe" Unknown
Madison Planst Unknown

Chapter One (How It Began)

Episode One: The Day After...

After having his first experience with his "Abilities", Johnny decides he needs to find out what's happening to him.

Episode Two: Confiding

As Johnny's secret begins to tear away at him, he decides to let someone know, so he wont feel so down any more.

Episode Three: Reliving The Past

Johnny is still confused about what is happening to him, but even worse, just when he thought the memories from the night he discovered his "Abilities" were over, his dreams brought them back...

Episode Four: It's a Small World After All

Johnny has realized why he was so worried about the night he discovered his power, but will he realize just how close that threat is?

Episode Five: Discovering

Still bothered, Johnny goes on another walk, trying to clear his mind. Instead, however, he finds something to distract him from the problems at hand.

Episode Six: Stress Reliever

Having found a place he can relax and be by himself, care free, Johnny decides to show his neighbor, Darrel, the place he found in the woods, just the day before.

Meanwhile, who is this mysterious new character? What does he have to do with Johnny, and where did he come from? Keep watching to find out.

Episode Seven: Boredom

Stuck with nothing to do on a Saturday, and bored out of his mind, Johnny decides to do a little testing. What exactly is his ability? Watch this episode to come another step closer to finding out.

Episode Eight: Preperation

After getting a taste of what he can do, Johnny decides to try and do a little training. However, what he sees afterwards disturbs him.

Episode Nine: Encounters

After a bit of training, Johnny runs into his neighbor, Darrel, and starts talking to him. During the conversation however, he discovers something, which he is not sure is good or bad...

Episode Ten: A Lesson in Self Defense

When Johnny arrives home from school, an unexpected guest is waiting on him. He tells Johnny that he wants him to stay away from his sister, and when Johnny tells him that he didn't do anything to her, Keira's brother decides that a few good hits will teach Johnny a lesson.

Meanwhile, the mysterious man from the woods is back, but where is he headed? And what is in his bookbag? Also, the face of evil is introduced, and an upcoming character makes her first appearance.

Chapter Two (Lost And Found)

Episode One: New Beginnings

With the new year just beginning, everyone is looking foward to a better year, with expectations high. However, when Johnny, Keira, and Madison wake up that morning, they aren't expecting to find what they do. How will this effect them? Keep watching to find out!

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