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Fan Creation:Petlin

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Peter and Caitlin kiss.

Petlin is a fan-created word describing the relationship between Peter Petrelli and Caitlin.



Caitlin cleans Peter's wounds after being rescued from the shipping container, and talks about the iPod job her brother was supposed to do. Peter later rescues her from being beaten up rather than escaping.


Caitlin gives Peter a tattoo of the family crest, welcoming him to the family. They start kissing, and the tattoo disappears.

Graphic Novel:Petrified Lightning

Caitlin and Peter walk the beach in Ireland. He is preoccupied in trying to call out electricity, but is having no success. She tells him of the love-story of a mermaid and the Irish hero Cúchulainn, and how the mermaid told him to call on her name in battle, and he would receive her power. Peter, inspired by the story, calls on Caitlin's name, and electricity easily flows at his command, surrounding her in its arcs, but doing no harm to her.

Fight or Flight

Caitlin closes the bar early and kisses Peter. Later, they go into her flat and Peter opens his box. He finds a plane ticket to Montreal and Caitlin insists on going with him after Peter paints the future showing the two of them in front of a Montreal warehouse.

The Line

After arriving at the Montreal warehouse, Peter and Caitlin hug, and Peter accidentally teleports to the future.

Out of Time

Caitlin is deported in the future. Peter attempts to bring her back to 2007, but is unsuccessful, and accidentally teleports without her, and is unable to go back to the future.


Memorable Quotes

"Nothing that I find in this box is gonna change anything. Whatever my life was before, this is where I want to be now ... with you."

- Peter (to Caitlin) (Fight or Flight)


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