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Fan Creation:Pelle

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Bursting with love...

Pelle is the term coined for the relationship between Peter and Elle.


Fight or Flight

Elle is at the docks talking to Will concerning the shipping container containing Peter, he says he's at the Wandering Rocks.

Elle meets Ricky at the Wandering Rocks and asks about Peter. He refuses to acknowledge that he has seen him. She then casually kills him with her power.

Elle later receives a call from her father and he asks her to stop looking for Peter and come home since killing people is a no-no. She relents.

Four Months Ago...

Elle knocks out Peter with her power when he has just dropped Nathan off at the hospital. This is because offering him a drink at the time would have seemed suss.

Elle then wakes Peter with her power and tells him she and her father have a cure for him. Peter considers this a better meeting then he had with Claire's family.

Elle is then seen giving Peter a haircut and tells him to take some drugs which she calls "Haitian pills". She walks out after zapping him saying that that he'll grow used to it and start to like it.

Two months later, Elle visits Peter but he says that he is not in the mood. She replies that she'll "up the dose". He relents and she shocks his fingers to fulfill her sadistic urge. Peter then says that he actually wants to know something about her considering he's known her for a whole month. She avoids the question however, saying that she liked him better when he just lied there. He then mocks her saying that she only likes to be in control. She then recounts her sad past and walks out.

One month later, Elle visits Peter to deliver him new clothes and drugs and he wonders why she doesn't want to zap him. She eagerly turns around asking if he wants one, he says he's starting to like them and her. They then kiss, while Elle fulfills her sadistic urge. She then leaves, ecstatic.

Peter escapes the Company with Adam after releasing that first base wasn't what he though it would be. They run into Elle who is not quite as happy as last they meet and the Haitian. She zaps him making his shirt catch one fire, but incidentally does not run after him.

The Butterfly Effect

Peter, now stuck in the body of Jesse Murphy, watches helplessly as Sylar corners Elle inside Level 5 and cuts open her forehead, when Elle releases an electrical burst, unlocking the prisoners' cells. Peter checks up on Elle to make sure she is alright and informs her of his identity before being taken away to escape with Knox.

Eris Quod Sum

Elle and Claire arrive at Pinehearst Headquarters, just in time to see Peter fall out of a seven-story window and land on the ground. His healing powers are gone, but he is still alive, somehow. While Claire rushes to help Peter, Elle rushes into the building, wanting her power to be removed, like Peter's.

Memorable Quotes

"You'll get used to it, and then you'll start to like it."

- Elle (to Peter) (Four Months Ago...)

"You're not gonna give me a little jolt?"

"Why, you want one?"

"Like you said, I'm starting to like them, I'm starting to like you."

- Peter, Elle (Four Months Ago...)

"Is that enough fun for one day?"

- Elle (to Peter) (Four Months Ago...)

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