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Fan Creation:Waire

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Claire kiss.jpg
Claire and West kiss on the beach.

"Waire" is the word coined to describe the relationship between Claire and West.


Four Months Later...

Claire arrives at her new school. Noah gives her the Nissan Rogue as a surprise. As she hears the bell, she almost gets run over by West.

Claire is sitting in science class moving her hand over a Bunsen burner when she is confronted by the boy who almost ran her over in the morning. He introduces himself as West, and asks if she is a robot or an alien explaining that robots do as their told and aliens do not.

At the gym, Claire sits on the tower, where the padding underneath has been removed. She attempts the backtuck, but injures her leg when landing on the bare floor. West walks in immediately after her wounds have healed and confronts her about not answering a question the teacher asked in science class.

At home, Claire lays down on her bed in disappointment after being shrugged off by Nathan, while West looks on from outside of her window--where he is hovering in mid-air. He flies away shortly after.


At school, Claire's science teacher displays a video showing a newt regenerating a new limb. He explains that this is possible thanks to millions of years of mutations. Claire asks if it would be possible for people to be able to regenerate limbs as well. The teacher tells her that there's a lot of research going on concerning stem cells and that the next phase may involve phasing out superfluous body parts such as the appendix, wisdom teeth, and even the pinky toe. Claire tells him that she's read that some people may have already developed a new genetic code already and asks if it's indeed possible. Her teacher tells her that she'd need a degree in genetics to answer those questions. Her classmates all stare at her, but West smiles.

Later, West comments on Claire's interest in lizards. He tells her that he thinks it's cool that she's into genetics because he is too. She tries to dismiss it, but West tells her that she doesn't have to hide everything interesting about her. He tells her biology is their destiny and that genes change. He tells her about a book that he found by an "Indian guy" that talks about the same things that Claire was talking about. Claire tries to avoid discussing it, but West offers to bring the book over to her. She tells him she's not really interested in genetics and says that she needs to get home. She walks to the parking lot and finds her car missing.

At home, Mr. Muggles watches a dog show on TV with Claire before her mother tells her to turn it off. Mr. Muggles gets upset so Claire turns the show back on. As she reads about limb regeneration, she glances at her toes. She takes a pair of scissors and cuts off her pinky toe. After a short time the toe grows back. Mr. Muggles starts barking and Claire realizes West was watching her from outside the window. She runs outside to catch him, but she doesn't see him. Claire goes outside to the driveway, and Mr. Muggles continues barking up at the sky. A copy of Activating Evolution is left on the ground.


At school, Claire tells West that she was giving herself a manicure when he sneaked up on her. West continues to talk about her cutting off her toe, and she tells him to stay away.

In class, West sits next to Claire. West asks Mr. Zern if a lizard could breed with a human, asking about cutting off limbs. Mr. Zern blows off the questions as irrelevant, but Claire leaves the classroom visibly upset.

Claire sits alone, and West comes to talk to her. She asks him what he wants from her, and he wants to know that she's different. She tells him how upsetting it is, but West grabs her and the two fly away. They fly over the town, with Claire laughing in West's arms.

Claire and West sit on a beach and talk about their abilities, and Claire admits that she does feel pain. West asks if he pokes her if it hurts, and the two kiss. She notices marks on his neck, and he pulls away. West talks about when his family lived in St. Louis, he was riding his bike from school one day, then woke up a day later. West recalls a man that knew his name and looked at him like West was animal. He recalls his horn-rimmed glasses, and Claire looks away.

The Kindness of Strangers

Claire comes downstairs and her parents ask about dating, saying a boy could be a threat. Noah says he wants to meet him. Claire shrugs it off and says there is no boy.

Claire gets offered a slot to try out for cheerleading for standing up to Debbie. Claire says she'll think about it, and takes a parental release form. West comes over, and talks to Claire. Claire tells him that they shouldn't hang out because of her parents being over-protective. When West asks if he can talk to her father, she tells him to let it go. West asks her on one date, and she accepts.

Sandra ponders dessert, but Claire tells her that she has to go to the library for a research project. Noah asks if she needs a lift. Lyle reminds her that the car was stolen, but Claire tells them she'll just walk. Noah follows her as she lets her hair down and meets West. Noah comes around the block, but does not see Claire, as she and West fly away.

West and Claire sit on the Hollywood Sign, and Claire tells West about jumping off the oil rig in Odessa. Claire tells West she can't tell him certain things, but West tells her that she can open up. He tells her that he shares her fears, and he can't help her if she doesn't trust him. Claire stands up on the sign and jumps off. West catches her, and tells her he doesn't want to see her get hurt. The two kiss over the LA lights.

The Line

West comes up to Claire during lunch, only to find that she is upset about not making cheerleading. When West asks why she didn't make the team, Claire explains that Debbie didn't find her extraordinary. She explains that none of the other girls will stand up to Debbie, so West tells her that maybe she should stand up to her and give her a taste of her own medicine.

During night practice at the school, Debbie writes numbers on the new cheerleaders' heads while drinking from a bagged bottle, telling them to watch their weight. Claire comes over and asks Debbie for five minutes of her time, offering to do some of her homework. She asks Debbie if she'll give Claire one more try, but Debbie refuses. West, who is wearing the ski-mask, flies in and picks Claire up. He drops her from several feet on a flight of stairs, presumably killing her. Debbie runs away as West chases after her. Later, the police interview Debbie by the stairs, but Claire's body is missing. She tries to explain the story when a healthy Claire walks up, asking what's wrong. Another officer comes over, showing the bottle of alcohol to the other officer.

Claire tells West that she can't believe they did what they just did, and that they could have been caught using their abilities, but West tells her that it's okay, and Debbie learned her lesson. May comes to tell Claire that Debbie's suspended from the squad, and that Claire's on the squad.

Out of Time

Claire is at home sleeping, when she is woken up by a text from West. She goes downstairs to find that he has made breakfast for her. While Claire isn't pleased, her mother says she is pleased West has come. When Sandra leaves, West shows Claire an article in the local newspaper about what they did to Debbie. Although upset, she kisses West while hiding a family picture.

At the Bennet household, Claire and West listen to music and kiss on the couch. Claire asks West if his marks hurt, which he tells her no. When Claire wants to tell him something, he assumes he is moving too fast. She tells him she wants Popsicles. From the kitchen, she sees her father enter the house. When West sees him, he panics and pulls Claire into the backyard. She reveals that he is her father. Thinking it's a trap, West flies away. Mr. Bennet meets Claire in the backyard and asks why she has two Popsicles. She hands him one and welcomes him home.

Cautionary Tales

Claire is laying out rocks in a pattern, when West appears and asks her what her deal is. They then argue about where Claire's heart really lies, and Claire tells West she's just a cheerleader. West ponders whether the whole situation is just a big coincidence and Claire nods. West then flies off after saying that he wants to believe her, but he doesn't. Claire's rock pattern spells out SORRY.

West, Noah, and Elle wait for Mohinder, Bob, and Claire to show up. When they do, Elle and Claire walk back to their respective parties. When West starts to fly away with Claire, Elle electrocutes her binds and unloads a blast of electricity upon West, hitting him dead center. West falls back to the ground with Claire using herself as a cushion for him. She begins to heal from the plummet.

Bob runs to his daughter's aid and finds himself looking up at Noah's gun. Noah proclaims that if Bob dies, the Company dies with him. Noah prepares to fire, but Mohinder shoots him in the eye and he falls dead to the ground, fulfilling the final painting. West holds back a hysterical Claire from running to her dead father and flies her away.

West flies Claire back to her house. Claire tells West that the last thing she ever said to Noah was that she hated him. West says that she didn't mean it, but she says she did and walks in. West looks on as Claire tells her mother that Noah's dead, to which Sandra falls to her knees and breaks down in tears. West later holds her as she lays in bed.

Truth & Consequences

Claire is searching frantically in some boxes for the wind-chimes the Haitian gave her. She wants to call him to make her forget about her father and her guilt. West convinces her not to and that she must remember her dad. That evening, she releases her father's "ashes" into the sea, telling him she'll miss him, and how her selfishness prevented her from listening to him. Sandra tells her they must go soon and Claire goes to say goodbye to West.


West enters Claire's house while she sorts out boxes containing information about the Company. West tells Claire that he is there to stop her, which shocks her, but he explains that he likes his secrets and was happy to find someone like him - having everybody know will spoil that connection. West tells her that exposition will not bring her father back. She angrily gives him his file, and breaks up with him. West leaves the house dejected, and flies away. She lifts a box and turns around, immediately dropping it when she notices a figure stood in the doorway - Noah.

Let It Bleed

Peter discusses West with Claire who says that she and West are now Facebook friends and he goes to NYU. Peter later asks Claire to call West over to his apartment, refering to West as her old boyfriend and she does. Whether or not Claire and West interact face-to face when he shows up is unclear, but thanks to Claire calling him, Peter is able to replicate flight from him as a way of remembering Nathan as both possesed that power.

Memorable Quotes

"You can skydive without a parachute!"

"You can skydive without a plane!"

- West, Claire (Kindred)

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