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Fan Creation:Flox

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Flint and Knox.jpg
Flint and Knox are the best team ever.

Flox is a fan-created term which describes the partnership of two superpowered villains, Flint and Knox.


The Second Coming

At the Bennets' home, Sylar looks through the files in Noah's box. Knox and Flint's files are there among others.

Knox is pacing back and forth in his cell. Flint is in his cell, throwing blue flames at the glass.

The Butterfly Effect

When Elle descends into Level 5 to release Noah, Flint attempts to flirt with her. Knox stands silently in a nearby cell. Later, when Elle disables the power grid, opening all cells, Flint asks Knox what their plan is and where they are going.

Later at a gas station, Flint roasts a woman with his ability, and Knox asks Peter (who is trapped in Jesse Murphy's body) if he is going with them.

Noah is back at home. He shows Claire the assignment trackers on the Level 5 escapees, including Knox and Flint.

One of Us, One of Them

Knox, Flint, the German and Peter arrive at a bank in Poughkeepsie. Knox senses Peter is scared. As they come in, the German shuts all the windows with his ability, Knox says, "Light", and Flint intimidates the customers. A few minutes later Knox watches them all giving their cell phones, and Flint bags money. A woman reaches for the alarm button, but Flint notices and threatens to rape her. The German opens a safe and wants to leave with money, but Knox kills him and says they will be waiting for the Company instead.

At Primatech, Angela shows Noah and Sylar the robbery on the news.

Knox realizes that "Jesse" is an impostor and throws Peter into a wall. He questions Peter about who he is, and Flint punches Peter. Noah enters the bank, offering himself in the exchange of releasing the customers. Knox pushes him into a chair, and Peter accesses Jesse's ability, hurling Flint across the bank. Then he yells at Knox, but the time is stopped. Future Peter comes, gets his present self out of Jesse's body and takes him to the future, resuming time. Now free, Jesse grabs Noah. Sylar comes in and saves the day: Flint is captured, Jesse is killed, and Knox escapes.

Dying of the Light

Flint is recruited by Daphne for Pinehearst, and is broken out of Level 5. He is taken by Daphne to Pinehearst Headquarters, where he is reunited with Knox. When Peter storms into Arthur's office, Flint summons fire to attack Peter while Knox looks at Peter menacingly.

Eris Quod Sum

Knox and Flint meet with Arthur, along with Maury and Daphne. Knox detects Daphne's fear and reports this to Arthur. Later, Arthur sends Knox to go with Daphne to find Matt Parkman and Flint to find Peter.

It's Coming

Knox and Flint head out to capture Claire Bennet, but her and Peter escape into the sewers. Just as Knox manages to capture Claire, Peter shows himself and tricks Flint into igniting leaking gas. Claire and Peter flee, and Knox is disappointed in Flint.

Later, the two of them return to Arthur's office to watch Arthur sketch the eclipse.

Our Father

As Tracy and Nathan walk down the corridors of Pinehearst Headquarters, Flint and Knox watch them with looks of dissatisfaction.


Knox and Flint team up with Peter to help destroy the formula, much to the annoyance of Mohinder and Nathan. Knox keeps Nathan company while Flint and Peter destroy the lab. However, Knox is killed by Tracy. Flint, in a fit of anger, knocks Mohinder out and then gets ready to set fire to the lab. However, he's taken out by Nathan. Later, Flint regains consciousness and tries to incinerate Nathan, but Peter flies him out to safety just before Pinehearst explodes.

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