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Fan Creation:Gaia Heroes

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Gaia Heroes
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Gaia Heroes

Gaia Heroes is a fan creation consisting of creating the Heroes characters, Gaia-style. Gaia Heroes was started in a thread in the 9th Wonders forum.

Gaia Online (formerly known as Go-Gaia) is a online forum and games site founded on February 18, 2003. The site currently revolves around its forum, avatars, in-game currency, as well as games (slots, cards, and fishing), Gaia Towns and homes, and the Marketplace.

On Gaia Online, each user can create their own virtual character (or avatar) and customize it through clothing and accessories located in virtual shops throughout the site. The customizations begin with choosing gender, skin tone, eyes, mouth, and hair style and color. From there, the user tries to earn "Gaia gold" by doing everything from chatting on the plethora of forums to choose from, rating in the galleries (there are three galleries: art, avatar, and homes), answering polls, and more. Almost everything done on the site can earn a user gold, which can be used to buy clothing and accessories, which a user can in turn use to customize their avatar.

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