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Fan Creation:Saya

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Sylar puts his hands on Maya's shoulders.

"Saya" or "Maylar" is a fan-created word coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Maya Herrera and Sylar.


The Kindness of Strangers

Maya and Alejandro are talking, when Derek stops the car. They climb out, and find a man in need of help - he is Sylar.

In the car, Maya talks with Sylar in the back, and asks him what happened. Sylar says that he was robbed, and has been walking for three days straight. He tells her that he is going to New York. Maya says that is where she is going, and Sylar perks up when she shows him Chandra's book. Sylar happily tells her that he knows the author, and that he will lead her to him. She thanks him, overjoyed, and asks for his name. He says he is called Gabriel Gray. She compares him to an angel.

Sylar finds out that Maya is a killer, and Derek tells him he is going to call the police. To protect her, Sylar follows Derek, and murders him with a brick. He then returns to the car, and asks for Maya's confirmation when he holds out a newspaper detailing her as a serial killer. She admits it, and says it was not her fault. Sylar warns her that Derek is calling the police, and she starts crying, triggering her ability. As Sylar's eyes turn black, Alejandro stops her power. Sylar realizes that she is extraordinary, and agrees to help them in their quest to Dr. Suresh, as he can relate to her. He smiles as he starts the car.

The Line

Maya is now driving, and Sylar stares at her, calling her fascinating. Maya says she does terrible things, and cannot control it. Sylar relates to her, and mentions his telekinesis and enhanced hearing, regretting that they suddenly disappeared. He tells her that this is the reason he has to see Dr. Suresh. Sylar tells Maya he wants to be special and unique, while Maya wants to be the same as everybody else. Sylar starts stroking her hair, while telling her that her ability can be wonderful. Alejandro wakes up, and tells Maya his plan. Maya translates for Sylar, telling him that her brother wants to hire a coyote and leave him behind. Sylar worries about this but Maya trusts him, thinking he is delivered to her from god. Maya says she is glad she found him, and he grins.

Now at the border, Sylar happily tells the two that they are moments away from America. They drive in, when they are ambushed by citizen border patrol. Sylar tells Maya to drive around them but Maya worries.

The patrol start attacking the car, and Sylar tells Maya that they have to go now. Alejandro continues expressing his distrust for Sylar, and Maya shouts at him to stop. Sylar orders Maya to drive, and her ability is activated. Sylar stops Alejandro, and convinces Maya to use her ability for the greater good. The guards are thwarted, and Sylar feels the effect. They drive away into the Sunset.

Sylar and Alejandro engage in fisticuffs, with Alejandro easily getting the upper hand. Maya stops the two men from fighting over her. Alejandro worries that Maya is turning into an intentional killer because of Sylar, and orders her to choose between the two. Maya cannot, and convinces him that they need Gabriel. Maya rushes over to Sylar, and they hold hands momentarily. Maya opens the car to get something for Sylar's bleeding lip.

Truth & Consequences

Maya and Sylar have a picnic at Cook Lake, Virginia. Maya tells Sylar that she is feeling normal, and Sylar comments that she will be normal once they visit Mohinder. Sylar suggests that Alejandro return home, after Maya says she wants to return home with just her brother. Sylar tells her that her brother hates her for killing his bride. Maya cries, activating her ability, causing Sylar to fall. He tells her to concentrate, and she manages to reverse her ability. She and Sylar hug.

Sylar walks in on Maya and Alejandro talking, and Maya confronts Sylar over an article about him killing his own mother. He admits to everything, and tells her that it was an accident. She sees the light in him, and they hug. Alejandro demands Maya to go with him, and she declines, calling herself a murderer, and saying that Sylar can relate to her. As Alejandro leaves, Sylar comforts Maya.

Alejandro battles with Sylar in his hotel room over Maya, and Sylar stabs him to death. When Maya knocks on the door, Sylar walks out, topless, pretending that he has just been in the shower. Maya admits that Sylar was right, and says that she wouldn't be where she is now without him. They slowly kiss, while Sylar closes the door to Alejandro's corpse.

They arrive at Mohinder's apartment, and they convince the babysitter to leave early. Sylar calls Mohinder, and tells him to return while they take care of Molly. Maya smiles while Sylar says "see you soon" to Mohinder. He hangs up, and they gaze at each other.


Mohinder walks in on Maya making breakfast for him and Sylar, and Sylar comments on Maya's amazing cooking skills. They sit at the table, and Maya explains that she knows Sylar is a killer, but can relate to him as she is a killer as well. She expresses the belief that fate brought them together. During conversation, she accidentally reveals that Sylar's abilities are gone because of the Shanti virus, causing a situation where Sylar holds Mohinder at gun point. Maya's ability activates, and Sylar nearly dies, but manipulates Maya's decency to get her to stop. Back to normal, Mohinder offers to take Sylar to his laboratory.

Maya complains at the lab that Sylar is nothing like he said he was, and he offers to take her ability away for her, Maya pulled tightly against his chest. He tells her to sit on the bed while he goes off to heal his virus, only for Mohinder to take a blood sample first for analysis.

Maya learns from Molly that Sylar killed her brother, and confronts him about it. Sylar, having grown bored by this attitude, turns around and shoots her, possibly before she tries to kill him. However, he demands to know where the "heal anything" blood is so that she can return to life, and finds it in Mohinder's possession.

Maya returns to life with a simple injection, and Sylar prepares to leave her. Elle catches Sylar and they have a battle, but Sylar manages to escape out of the laboratory.

The Second Coming

When the door to Mohinder's apartment creaks, Maya holds a baseball bat at the ready. When Mohinder comes in he asks why Maya is holding the bat, and Maya says that she thought Sylar was returning.

Memorable Quotes

"My name is Gabriel... Gabriel Gray."

"Gabriel... Like the angel!"

"Yeah. Just like the angel..."

- Sylar, Maya (The Kindness of Strangers)

"It doesn't have to be a burden, Maya. It can be wonderful."

- Sylar (to Maya) (The Line)

"I don't trust him, Maya. I see the way he looks at you."

- Alejandro (to Maya) (The Line)

"We need to get past these men. These guns. You can use your gift."

- Sylar (to Maya) (The Line)

"She's a shiny new toy; and she's all mine."

- Sylar (to Alejandro) (The Line)

"You're nothing like you said you were."

- Maya (to Sylar) (Powerless)

"There's a bed over there. Stay put, stay quiet, and remember."

- Sylar (to Maya) (Powerless)

"Now look what you made me do."

- Sylar (to Maya) (Powerless)

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