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Fan Creation:Nissica

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Niki becomes Jessica

Nissica is a fan term describing the relationship between Niki and her split personality Jessica Sanders.



As Linderman's thugs are harassing Niki, she switches to Jessica. When Niki wakes up, she finds the weasel impaled and the big guy torn in half.


Niki switches to Jessica in the casino, and has sex with Nathan, after threatening a henchman.


As Jessica descends the stairs in pursuit of Matt and Aron, she sees Niki in a reflection. Niki tries to tell her to stop, but Jessica doesn't listen. Niki tells her that this is her life and that she can't do this to her. Outside the stairwell, Matt is able to hear both Niki's and Jessica's thoughts. Jessica tells Niki that she's doing this to repay Mr. Linderman for getting her out of jail because she wasn't able to. Matt calls one of his police associates and tells him that he's got possibly two shooters and needs backup. Later the silence is broken by gunshots from Jessica.

Five Years Gone

In an possible future, Niki and Jessica have integrated.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Candice, posing as Niki, beats up Niki. Jessica, in her reflection, tells Niki that it's not her. The real Jessica doesn't take control and merley encourages Niki. Thanks to Jessica's encouragment, Niki finally accesses her enhanced strength without Jessica in control and defeats Candice with it. Jessica disappears afterwards, apparently for good.

Fight or Flight

In the Company's hospital, Niki asks Bob if he can "cure her".

Memorable Quotes

"Oh, we're a lot of things, Niki, but we're not crazy."

- Jessica (to Niki) (Better Halves)

"Oh God, please help me."

"Who needs god when you've got me?"

- Niki to Jessica (Godsend)

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