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Fan Creation:Mayinder

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Villians Preview Kiss.jpg
Maya and Mohinder share a passionate kiss.

"Mayinder" is the name for the relationship between Mohinder Suresh and Maya Herrera.


Mohinder Suresh was a genetics professor from India who took up the research into evolved humans after the death of his father. He is portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy.

Maya Herrera is an evolved human from Santo Domingo who made her way to New York City to meet Chandra Suresh in hopes that he could help her with her ability. She is portrayed by Dania Ramírez.



Maya first meets Mohinder in his apartment when Sylar is revealed to have killed her brother, Alejandro. During her confrontation, Sylar shoots her. Mohinder then injects her with the cure for the virus (which has Claire's blood in it) allowing her to heal. She is brought back to life by Mohinder.

The Second Coming

Maya hits Mohinder with a cricket bat because she thought he was Sylar. Mohinder later tells her he is going back to India, but she gets angry, manifesting her powers. Inspired, he takes a sample of her adrenals and theorizes that it can give powers to anyone. Maya tells Mohinder to destroy his formula, and he says he will. However, later at the docks, he injects himself, with fast results.

The Butterfly Effect

Maya goes to Mohinder's loft and sees him hanging upside-down on a beam. He tells her that he injected himself with the formula. Mohinder shows her his new abilities and tells her he may be able to reverse her particular power. Fueled by lust they share their first kiss, which leads to sex. When he wakes up, he leaves her in bed; while going to the bathroom, he discovers that his new power may not be as perfect as it seemed.

I Am Become Death

While Mohinder is working on a way to reverse his transformation, Maya comes over to clean up and tries to convince him to come with her outside, to be social. Mohinder, showing the darker side of his new powers, gets angry and Maya leaves, also angered.

Angels and Monsters

Maya discovers the people encased in cocoons in Mohinder's lab, and thusly finds out about Mohinder's involvement in their disappearances (the next-door neighbor's wife had put Missing signs up, but it is uncertain whether the drug dealer from the park was missed). She tries to free them, but ends up hiding as Mohinder arrives. Due to his enhanced senses, he can tell that she has been there, and as he looks for her, her power manifests. She is captured soon after and cocooned, afther calling Mohinder a monster.

Eris Quod Sum

While Mohinder has Tracy and Nathan trapped, he tells them he needs more time to test them; naturally, they refuse. After Tracy freezes his arm and gets herself and Nathan loose, Mohinder frees and grabs Maya, makes a dramatic escape through the skylight, and takes her away to Pinehearst. While there, Arthur Petrelli takes her power. Her goal achieved, Maya is about to leave Pinehearst when Mohinder intercepts her. He tries to apologize for what he did, and begs her to stay, saying that his feelings for her were very real. However, her trust has been betrayed and she asks him to "get well" before leaving the building.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder determines that every facet of the formula has disappeared from his body. He has no idea why or how and then brings up a file on Maya. He prepares to leave but Arthur and Flint come in.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Mohinder goes to Maya’s address and knocks on the door, identifying himself. She says she’ll be there in a minute, but Mohinder notices the scales growing back on his hand. He runs away and she opens the door to only find the address slip lying on the floor.

Memorable Quotes

"You are different."

- Maya (to Mohinder) (The Butterfly Effect)

"You're a monster."

"I wish you wouldn't have said that."

- Maya, Mohinder (Angels and Monsters)


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