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Fan Creation:My Heroes Ability

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My Heroes Ability
My Heroes Ability.jpg

My Heroes Ability was a Facebook application based on the abilities from the world of Heroes. The application was part of the Zynga gaming network.


This application was created in late 2007 by Kenneth Chiu and his team of developers. As of February 2008, there have been many changes, including a Battle System, and World Locations. As of December 2009, the game is no longer available.


Each player is randomly assigned an Ability and two Actions to go with it. The player levels up his character by attacking friends or other people using the Battle System. As players level up, they can buy new Actions or new Abilities.


The Abilities are currently:

Ability Type Basic Abilities Advanced Abilities Demi-God Abilities
  • Matter
  • Mind
  • Physical

World Locations

There are several World Locations, each containing multiple areas within the city. Non-player characters wander between most locations. Locations that are not yet released are marked with a dagger (†).


  • Toronto, Ontario
    • Travel: Lester B. Pearson International Airport
    • Unlearn abilities: Secret Lab
    • Free-for-all-battle: Underground Passage
    • Other: Alley, Casa Loma, Front Street

Costa Rica:

  • San Jose
    • Travel: Juan Santamaria International Airport(†)
    • Other: Heredia(†), Teatro Nacional(†)


  • Cairo
    • Purchase items: Pharoah's Jewelry
    • Travel: Cairo International Airport
    • Other: Downtown, Market, Saladin Citadel


  • Munich
    • Travel: Franz Joseph Strauss International Airport(†)
    • Other: Autobahn(†), Mainstreet(†), Marienplatz(†), Victory Gate(†)


  • Madras
    • Purchase items: Bazaar
    • Travel: Madras International Airport
    • Other: Marketplace


  • Cork
    • Travel: Cork International Airport
    • Other: Bantry Town Square(†), Black Rock Castle(†), Downtown, St. Colman's Cathedral(†), Stone Circle(†), University College Cork(†)


  • Himeji
    • Travel: Rail Station
    • Other: Himeji Castle
  • Tokyo
    • Narita International Airport, Shinjuku JR Station
    • Other: Downtown, Sensoji Temple, Shibuya Crossing


  • Kuala Lumpur
    • Travel: Kuala Lampur International Airport(†)
    • Other: Federal Territory Mosque(†), KLCC Park(†), National Theater(†), Petronas Towers(†), Sultan Abdul Samad Building(†), Train Station(†)

North Korea:

  • Pyongyang
    • Travel: Sunan International Airport
    • Free-for-all battle: Abandoned Warehouse
    • Other: Grand Library(†), Megalomania(†), Oil Refinery(†)


  • Moscow
    • Travel: Sheremetyevo International Airport
    • Other: Business Center, Moscow State University, Red Square


  • Pripyat
    • Free-for-all battle: Exclusion Zone(†)
    • Other: City Limits(†), Downtown(†)

United Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai
    • Free-for-all battle: Construction Site(†)
    • Travel: Dubai International Airport(†)
    • Other: Docks(†), Riverfront(†), Town Center(†), Under a bridge(†)

United Kingdom:

  • London, England
    • Travel: Heathrow International Airport
    • Other: Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey

United States of America:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Travel: McCarran International Airport
    • Gamble: Slots at Excalibur, Slots at New York New York
    • Other: Bellagio Buffet, Craps at Excalibur, Outside Excalibur, Outside New York New York, Outside the Bellagio, The Strip
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota:
    • Travel: Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport
    • Other: Crystal Palace Courtyard, Downtown, Stone Arch Building
  • New York City, New York:
    • Travel: JFK International Airport
    • Free-for-all battle: Battery Park, Central Park, E 3rd St, Times Square
    • Player-vs.-player battle: Fight Club
    • Purchase items: HVS Pharmacy, Weapon Supply Store(†)
    • Other: 15th St & 6th Ave, 5th Ave, Alexander St, Grand Central Station, Liberty State Park, Midtown, Newton Creek Warehouse, South St Seaport, Warren St, World Financial Center
  • San Antonio, Texas:
    • Travel: San Antinio International Airport
    • Other: The Alamo, Riverwalk


There are three types of Battle Systems in play:

  • Free-for-All (FFA): Any player who enters the area can attack or be attacked by anybody else.
  • Player-vs.-Player (1v1): Players are matched one-to-one for a duel. A player may not be assisted or attacked by any player other than their matched opponent for the duration of a fight.
  • Non-player Characters (NPC): NPCs can attack and be attacked by any player in their location.


  • An ability which was originally planned but later changed was deadly illness.

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