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Fan Creation:Troah

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Noah and Tracy pretend to be a couple in love.

"Troah" is the fan-coined term for the supposed relationship between Noah Bennet and Tracy Strauss.


Eris Quod Sum

After Mohinder escapes with Maya, Tracy waits with Nathan until the Company agents arrive. While waiting, Tracy attempts to free Mark Spatney from his cocoon, and the terrified man attempts to choke her to death. Fortunately, Tracy is saved by Company Agent Noah Bennet.

Trust and Blood

Peter tells Tracy to use her power to apprehend Nathan, and she grows nervous about whether or not she can keep from killing him, though Peter has faith in her. When Nathan arrives, Tracy makes her presence known and asks Nathan for her old life back, saying that Peter is waiting somewhere safe. Nathan, however, surprises Tracy by pardoning her for everything, and her allegiance to Peter begins to waver.

Before she can turn sides, Peter bursts out and two snipers - Noah Bennet and the Hunter - reveal themselves and set their sights on Tracy and Peter. Peter escapes by flying away, but Tracy is left defenseless and is once again captured.

Cold Snap

Noah finds Tracy in a store changing room, trying on clothing. He tells her she should have stuck with Matt Parkman, and he would have never found her. She says they did walk right past him. Noah reveals he has a gun and tells her he could draw his gun and kill her before she freezes him, but Tracy challenges him, saying she's worked up a hell of a "cold snap". When a attendant asks if everything is all right, Bennet takes off his glasses and says that Tracy is his fiancé and asks for a different size of jacket. When the attendant leaves, Noah puts his glasses back on and asks Tracy who Rebel is. Tracy claims she doesn't know. Bennet gives her a choice: either be imprisoned again, or lead him to Rebel and he'll let her go: although her old life is gone forever, she'll have a chance at freedom.

Noah later looks on while Danko shatters Tracy's frozen body.


Noah then goes to a restaurant and is joined by Tracy, who tells him that he is number five. Noah attempts to change her mind and comments on how she survived. Tracy reveals that she felt herself shatter and reform and Noah tells her she is not a killer and he can make Danko forget about her. Tracy leaves, stating that it won't be that easy to get off her list.

Keeping to his word, Noah leads Danko to a warehouse where he succumbs to The Haitian's memory manipulating touch.

Jump, Push, Fall

Returning home, Noah burns his supper and makes a call to Sandra. A man picks up the phone, shocking Noah until Sandra takes the phone. Noah hangs up and then receives a call from Tracy. He meets her at Danko's apartment and discovers Danko's deceased body. Tracy protests her innocence at the crime and even describes his attacker. Noah realizes all the wounds are mainly to the stomach and reaches in, discovering a key hidden inside Danko's body. Noah then discovers that the key leads to a safety deposit box. He visits Peter, asking for his help. Noah and Peter then go to the bank, to receive the deposit box and find a compass inside.

Noah and Peter discover that the compass moves when being held by Peter, but not by Noah. Peter refuses any more cooperation with Noah and leaves.

Noah is then attacked and gravely injured by Edgar. Peter arrives on scene and has Noah sent to a hospital.

Tracy visits him and the two share some food left by Peter.


Tracy goes to see Noah at the sushi restaurant beneath his apartment. She tells him she got her old job back with Governor Malden and he wonders why she's there. Tracy insists something is missing and needs to change. Noah suggests she quit if she's not happy, but when she says people would die to do what she does, Noah says that sometimes you have to start over to figure out who you want to be. Tracy smiles and leaves, thanking him for the advice.

Strange Attractors

Noah calls Tracy and says he needs her help. Tracy arrives in Cainan and meets Noah. She notes that she thought he was done with bag and tag missions, but Noah explains he's conducting a rescue and explains how Jeremy's power works. He also tells her that he's set it up so that it appears that Tracy is his aunt so she can sign him out. Tracy reluctantly agrees and she goes inside while the police officers watch the exchange suspiciously.

Later, Tracy returns to the sheriff's office where Noah tells her that her man made all the arrangements and they're releasing Jeremy. They go in and Jeremy wonders who he's going to live in, and Noah explains that he'll live near him in DC under a new identity. He promises Jeremy that Tracy will help him master his ability, but Jeremy wonders what happens if something goes wrong. Tracy tells him that he'll be safe and invisible.

Noah and Tracy take Jeremy out through the station. Townspeople are gathered outside to protest Jeremy's relief. One man approaches him and Jeremy touches his chest. The man collapses and Noah begs Jeremy to save him. The sheriff orders Jeremy back inside and he goes, ignoring Noah. Inside, Noah and Tracy try to warn the sheriff he's in over his head, but he refuses to let them talk to Jeremy.

Noah and Tracy are driving through Cainan when they find Jeremy's corpse lying in the street. Noah tries to assure Tracy they couldn't save him but she says Jeremy needed a real home. She goes back to her car and Noah apologizes, admitting that he thought he could manage it. Tracy points out that they both let Jeremy down, and wonders if they have to remain invisible while living out in the open. He admits that he doesn't think they can do it after today, and she tells him not to call her again.

Brother's Keeper

Tracy goes to Noah's house in an attempt to get help over her malfunctioning abilities. After Claire helps her, the two of them have some coffee and chat. Noah then enters and sees the two together, and after noticing that Tracy froze off Claire's foot, he laughs with them.

Memorable Quotes

"While you were busy playing Abu Ghraib, I was trying to make ice in an oven. This is a breezy 68 degrees and I've worked up one hell of a cold snap."

- Tracy (to Noah) (Cold Snap)

"And here I was thinking that I'd be the one that got away."

""No. You're just number five."

"Five's my lucky number. Well, it used to be. Is it still lucky?"

"I haven't decided yet."

- Noah, Tracy (Orientation)

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