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Fan Creation:Syro

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Sylar + Hiro = Syro

Syro is a fan term describing the relationship between Sylar and Hiro Nakamura.


Don't Look Back

Visiting the future, Hiro finds Isaac's body with his brain removed.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Sylar watches Charlie Andrews wait on Hiro and Ando. He later kills Charlie and removes her brain. Hiro goes back in time to stop the man that did this.


Isaac informs Hiro that the man who cuts off heads is imprisoned.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro tells Hiro that Sylar is the exploding man who destroys New York in 2006. He had stabbed Sylar but he regenerated, so Future Hiro went back and told Peter to save Claire from having her regeneration taken by Sylar.

9th Wonders! depicts Hiro impaling Sylar with his sword.

The Hard Part

Hiro and Ando arrive while Sylar is preparing to leave. They notice Isaac's dead body and hear Sylar in the next room, so they hide behind one of Sylar's recently finished paintings. Sylar hears their heartbeats and approaches the painting, but just before Sylar telekinetically moves the painting away, Hiro teleports himself and Ando to a convenience store next door. Ando convinces Hiro that he must kill Sylar for the good of the city, and they follow him as he leaves Isaac's apartment.

As Sylar arrives at his destination, Hiro and Ando sneak around to a window to keep an eye on him. They are surprised to discover that the person Sylar is visiting is his mother, Virginia Gray, who seems happy to see him and is quite unaware of his recent activities. He decides to fix one of his father's old clocks, and his mother laments on how watchmaking is not a real profession; she suggests that he become an investment banker instead. He asks his mother to accept his desire to remain a normal watchmaker, but his mother refuses, saying she knows he is special enough to be President if he wanted to.

Sylar decides to show his mother just how special he is by creating a snow globe combining his powers of freezing and telekinesis. His mother is very impressed; but when he accidentally cuts her with one of the snow globes, she gets upset and locks herself in her bedroom. Back at Mrs. Gray's apartment, Hiro is again having doubts about killing Sylar, saying he cannot kill a man begging for forgiveness. Ando succeeds in convincing Hiro to act now by showing him a page from the comic that Future Hiro had torn out: a page showing Ando being killed by Sylar. Inside, Sylar tries to convince his mother to leave her bedroom, as she cries alone, scared of her son. He tells her of his prophecy and how he is worried that he will end up killing a lot of people, wanting answers behind it. His mother leaves her bedroom, but she orders him to leave the house, believing that he is "damned". She grabs a pair of scissors to defend herself as he tries to calm her, and is stabbed in the ensuing struggle. Time stops, and Hiro comes in. He touches Sylar's neck with the sword, apologizes and swings, and suddenly time resumes. Sylar grabs the blade and asks Hiro who he is. Hiro says he has to stop Sylar, and the latter says Hiro is a coward, and now he must kill Hiro himself. Sylar freezes the blade, Ando rushes in and grabs Hiro's shoulder, and they teleport out, breaking the sword in the process.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Hiro teleports into Isaac's loft just in the knick of time: Sylar is about to behead Ando. Hiro tells Sylar to let Ando go, Ando tells Hiro to kill Sylar, and Sylar wonders if Hiro can stop time before he kills Ando. Instead, Hiro vanishes, re-appears near Ando and teleports them to Yamagato Industries. Sylar is angry.

Later at Kirby Plaza Hiro teleports behind as he Sylar fights with a radioactive Peter. Hiro calls Sylar and before he can react Hiro charges and stabs him with the sword. Sylar collapses but as Hiro attempts to teleport Peter away from New York, he is thrown back and Hiro has to teleport away.


On his spirit walk, Hiro sees one year ago, Sylar trying to hang himself. Elle saves and befriends him. Sylar shows her his stolen ability, and Elle introduces him to another evolved human as bait. Sylar kills him for his ability.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Hiro finds Sylar killing Noah. Hiro declares Sylar a bad man and teleports him away to a beach.

An Invisible Thread

Hiro attends the mock funeral for Sylar. The real Sylar, disguised as Nathan, ignites a corpse that looks like Sylar.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years ago, Hiro tries to rescue Charlie from the hands of Sylar again. He stops time just as Sylar is about to slice open Charlie's head, and wheels Sylar to a bus station far away. However, after Charlie reveals to him about her aneurysm, Hiro finds Sylar again to get him to help cure Charlie. Hiro makes a deal with Sylar, saying that if he helps cure Charlie, he'll tell him about his future. After Sylar holds up his end of the bargain, Hiro tells Sylar about his death: Sylar will become powerful, but in the end, everyone will gather to stop him. Hiro then teleports Sylar outside, telling him to "go on his path". Sylar smiles evilly and leaves.

Memorable Quotes


(Hiro stabs Sylar)


- Sylar, Hiro (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"All you need to do is to stop time before I chop his head off."

- Sylar to Hiro (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

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