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Fan Creation:Murtle

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Matt and his pet turtle share a special bond.

Murtle is a fan-created name for the relationship between Matt Parkman and the turtle.


The Butterfly Effect

After being teleported to Africa, Matt stumbles in the desert until he eventually collapses due to dehydration. Once he wakes up, he sees a turtle in front of him. He hears Turtle saying: "That plant there: It will give you water!" Matt takes the plant out of the sand, and indeed, drops are coming out!

I Am Become Death

After Matt returns from his vision of the future, Usutu tells Matt that he must find his animal totem. Matt looks around and sees a turtle outside Usutu's hut. Matt begins to follow his animal guide on a slow journey.

Dying of the Light

Matt and the turtle arrive at JFK airport. Matt thanks the turtle for leading him home, now he asks for a sign to recognize Daphne, save her life, get her to fall in love with him! When he actually sees her, he says: "High five, turtle!" He tells Daphne what he saw in the future: "We were married. And I know about your speed ability. And we have this beautiful baby girl and this pet turtle!"

Eris Quod Sum

When Matt tries to phone Mohinder, the turtle in his terrarium nods to every word.

A Clear and Present Danger

Matt puts the turtle back in its cage, wondering how it got out.


  • In an interview, Greg Grunberg said jokingly that the turtle who appeared with him has the name Shelly, but actually it is "Elvis".


  • In Jungian psychology, the guide of souls is a mediator between the unconscious and conscious realms. It is symbolically personified in dreams as a wise man (or woman), or sometimes as a helpful animal.

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