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Fan Creation:Sarmy

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Sarmy logo

Sarmy is a fan creation for Sylar supporters.


Sarmy is a portmanteau for Sylar's army and was founded on the message boards on June 22, 2007. Sarmy is a forum club within the "Sylar general appreciation thread" (SGAT). Originally this thread was created by a member named Lauryn in response to a "sick of Sylar" thread. Ashz22 then expanded the Sarmy by making the Official Sarmy Forum. An official website for Sarmy was launched on August 3, 2007 by a member named Mabes.

Sarmy's mission

  • Protect Sylar's name from being tarnished not only on forums, but everywhere.
  • Promote Sylar in all ways.
  • Worship Sylar and/or Zachary Quinto.

Sarmy's slogans

  • "Sure, Hiro can stop time, but so can breaking your watch. Only Sylar can get it running again."
  • "This is usually the part where people start joining."
  • "Because every villain needs a legion of evil supporters'"
  • "Join The Sarmy it's a no brainer'"


  • Sarmy is involved in the Give Life Foundation, having taken their cue from Zachary Quinto's contributions to the foundation.



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