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Fan Creation:The 9th

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The 9th
The logo of The 9th.

The 9th, or Heroescast, is a Heroes podcast.


The 9th is a regular podcast, released twice a week.


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Usually, an episode after a new episode airs is called a "Roundtable". This is a short discussion of the episode between three or four people. Another show with feedback and discussion, known as "The Post Show", is released the day before a new episode. Some segments from these episodes are:

  • Hero of the Week: A real-life story about a person or people who acted heroically.
  • Joe's Question of the Week: A question, usually about the events of the previous episode, in which listeners can email responses that are read out the next week.
  • Mailbag or Voicemailbag: The reading and disucssion of listener feedback.
  • News: Recap of any Heroes-related news from that week.
  • Spoilers: Any released spoilers for the following Heroes episode.
  • Essay: Ocasionally, an essay is read on the show. The Essays are written by Ryan Floyd.


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  • Miranda
  • Joe
  • Laura
  • Gerry
  • Mark
  • Tim
  • Brad
  • Rick
  • Kim
  • Jeff
  • David
  • Ray (aka Ralph90009)
  • Andy
  • Brian (aka Arkle)

All of these people have appeared on at least one episode, to host on a "Post Show" or to contribute their opinion on a roundtable.

Notable Episodes

The following people have guest starred or been interviewed on an episode of The 9th:


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  • The podcast released its 100th episode on March 9th, 2009

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