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Fan Creation:HeroesRPG

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Be A Hero

HeroesRPG is an free online role-playing game based on Heroes.


HeroesRPG is a role-playing game that allows players to interact in the canon world of Heroes as portrayed in television episodes, official Heroes graphic novels, and the many official Heroes interactive websites. HeroesRPG does not attempt to recreate canon characters or events, but encourages players to tell the tales of Heroes from around the world whose stories would otherwise be left untold.

HeroesRPG is an open-ended game, where characters may start in any worldly location, be of any morale temperament, and interact as they see fit. Opportunities are available to tell a single characters story, participate in interactive stories with other players, explore alternative timelines as they become known in Heroes canon, or join and work for the Company.


HeroesRPG was created in late November 2006 by Heroes fan Mike Culver. Originally hosted on Proboards free forums, HeroesRPG attracted instant attention from fellow fans. In April 2007 HeroesRPG moved to a dedicated site, hosted by, to provide for the sites expansion.



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