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Fan Creation:Noangela

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Noah and angela 317 ii.jpg
Noah and Angela sit together.

"Noangela" is a fan-created term describing the relationship between Noah Bennet and Angela Petrelli.


How to Stop an Exploding Man

Noah attempts to call his daughter, Claire. However, Angela answers the phone and comments on how they gave Claire to Noah as an assignment. She allows Claire to say her goodbyes and then suggests that Noah leaves New York before the explosion.

One of Us, One of Them

Noah returns to Level 5 after the outbreak of prisoners. Angela is waiting for him and introduces him to his new partner. Later, Angela persuades Noah to work with Sylar on the fact that they are both murderers and Noah is the perfect role model for him.

The Eclipse Part 1

Angela escorts Claire to Level 5 and hands her protection over to Noah, who is waiting for them.


Angela, Noah, Claire and Meredith are trapped inside the Company by Sylar. Angela witnesses through a security feed the entrapment of Meredith and Noah but refuses to help Claire save them. She is otherwise convinced to go with Claire however. Later, Angela, Noah and Claire watch as Primatech burns to the ground.

Cold Wars

Four weeks before Building 26 began, Noah and Angela meet in order to discuss the repercussions of the Company's downfall. Angela hands him a watch to thank him for his work for the Company in the past.

In the present, Noah and Angela meet again, after Noah was joined Building 26. Angela says that he will have to prove his loyalty to them. Noah says that he has always been comfortable with morally gray, and gives the watch back to her.

Into Asylum

Noah, who is supposed to be hunting down Angela Petrelli, arrives at Father Vance's church to search for her. When he finds her, however, he lets her go and tells his team that it's "all clear".

Turn and Face the Strange

Angela calls Noah and tells him to meet at Coyote Sands. They gather there along with Peter, Nathan, and Claire, and begin digging.


As the day unfolds at Coyote Sands, Noah and the others help Angela find her sister Alice. That night, they sit down at Lila Mae's for dinner.

I Am Sylar

Noah, Angela, and Claire drive towards Washington, DC.

An Invisible Thread

As they drive towards Washington, DC, Noah notices an out-of-place roadblock, and tells Angela and Claire to get off the car and go on foot. Noah sacrifices himself for their safety, eventually getting captured by Danko's men.

Later, at the Stanton Hotel, Noah finds Angela distraught at Nathan's dead body. He convinces Matt Parkman to "save" Nathan by implanting his memories into Sylar's body. That night, Noah, Angela, and the others attend Sylar's funeral at Coyote Sands.


In Washington, D.C., Noah Bennet gets a call from Angela Petrelli in New York City. She warns him there have been a recent string of four drowning murders among Danko's team and Tracy Strauss is responsible. They figure she wants revenge and Angela tells him to stop dragging his feet and stop avoiding Nathan's calls. Noah reminds her that "Nathan" is actually the brainwashed and shape shifted Sylar but Angela insists everything is going as planned, and they had no other choice. Noah admits he initially agreed but he did it so Angela wouldn't lose her son but can't bring himself to even look at "Nathan." She tells him to get the company going but Noah admits he's not sure if he's up for the job because he's lost his family and Sandra has divorced him. He signs off and goes to the college to be with Claire.

Memorable Quotes

"You're supposed to be the man with the plan, remember?"

"I'm not sure I'm that guy anymore."

- Angela, Noah

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