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Color of Love...

Pemma is the term coined for the relationship between Peter and Emma.



Peter arrives at the hospital and goes to Emma's desk to ask for a report. She does not speak and insists that he must write down his request before she will deal with it. As he signs the papers, he complains about how he's being sued by one of the people he helped. As she moves across the room, Peter notices that her headphones are unplugged. He asks who she's listening to and she realizes that he's talking to her. She knocks over her coffee cup and sees a flare of light as it hits the floor. He helps her pick the pieces up and takes his report.

Later that night, Emma is eating her supper on a bench. She notices a cellist playing nearby and sees the sound as glowing red energy. When the cellist leaves, she goes over to touch the cello. When she plucks at a string, she sees more lights. She starts playing and generating a light show that only she can see. Despite never having played, she follows the light cues and performs beautifully as everyone in the park looks on, including Peter. He smiles at her as she realizes what she's done, hands the bow to the cellist, and runs off.

Hysterical Blindness

Emma walks down the street and starts to see sounds as colors again. Overwhelmed, she steps back into traffic and Peter grabs her using super speed and pulls her to safety. Emma refuses to talk and walks away. When Peter tries to run after her, he discovers that his super speed has vanished. When he strikes a garbage can in frustration, he sees colors radiate from it and realizes he's duplicated Emma's power, and that she is an evolved human.

Peter arrives at the hospital and looks for Emma. She isn't at her desk and as he looks for her, Peter sees a child's choir performing. He sees their song as lights and notices Emma across the room watching the song the same way. Emma realizes that he's seeing the same thing she does and they smile at each other. Afterward, Peter tries to explain what is happening and that there are others who have abilities. She isn't sure what he's saying and has him write it down. Once she realizes what he means, Emma thinks it's crazy but Peter sits down at the piano with her and they play together, watching the music as colors. Together they play out a duet and once they're done, Peter invites her to lunch so they can figure out what she can do. When he suggests she might get out of the file room for a while, Emma says she's fine with the file room and leaves.

Peter comes home, lamenting the fact he was unable to establish a human connection with Emma.

Tabula Rasa

Emma comes up to Hiro's hospital room as Peter leaves. She asks if he sent the cello to her apartment, and says there seems to be something wrong with her ability. Peter says he wants to talk to her about it but he has to help Hiro first. He suggests that Emma talk to Hiro, who knows a lot about different abilities, and then teleports away.

Peter arrives back at the hospital and Emma explains that Hiro has disappeared.


Emma watches the hospital in chaos after a subway collision brings in a flood of patients. A doctor approaches her with a patient on a gurney and asks her to keep pressure on the woman's leg wound, and to inform the next available nurse or resident that the woman needs a suture. However, Emma instead stitches the patient's leg herself while Peter watches curiously.

Peter, meanwhile, is using his healing ability to save patients, despite the fact that it is obviously exhausting him. When he is near the point of collapse, Emma approaches him and guides him to a chair. They discuss the side effects of this ability, and Peter rejects the idea of not using it and being "ordinary." Peter recovers and is about to walk away when he stops and asks Emma where she learned how to administer sutures. She at first jokes that she learned it at clown college, but later reveals that she attended medical school but dropped out.

Upon finding an unconscious girl in the supply closet, Emma shouts for help, bringing Peter to the scene. She explains that the girl is suffering from a pneumothorax and administers CPR while directing Peter to retrieve a thoracotomy kit. She revives the girl with Peter's help.

Later, Peter finds Emma in the rec room of the hospital, once again sitting at the piano. He sees a picture of a young boy she has been looking at; Emma explains that this is her nephew Christopher, who drowned six years ago while she was babysitting. She reveals that this is the reason that she quit pursuing her career. Peter gives her a plastic tiara that belonged to the girl they saved and explains that she wanted Emma to have it. Emma expresses self-doubt because she was unable to revive Christopher, but Peter reminds her that she saved the girl, Megan. He then asks if she plans to return to medical school. Evading his question, she asks if he can see the colors as she plays the piano. He explains that he no longer has that power, but that they can still play together. He then places the tiara on her head and the two smile at each other before beginning to play.

Close to You

Emma uses her newly discovered siren song power to call Peter to her apartment by playing Samuel's cello. Peter, distressed by the reappearance of the compass tattoo Samuel gave him (in Ink), makes the connection between the tattoo and the compass insignia on the back of the cello. He becomes suspicious of the man's intentions and they go to Peter's apartment to look up the article Samuel altered to include his picture. Peter asks if this is the man who gave Emma the cello, and when she confirms it, he explains about his encounter with "William Hooper."

Angela then arrives to meet Peter for lunch. When she sees Emma, she demands to know where Peter met "this woman." Peter introduces Emma as his "friend" and she eagerly reaches out to shake Angela's hand. However, Angela simply gives her a cold stare, and sensing the tension, Emma leaves. Peter promises to contact her later, then rounds angrily on his mother and demands to know why she behaved as she did.

Angela eventually reveals that she had a precognitive dream about Emma, and although the dream was "hazy," the meaning was clear. She claims that Emma will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and that Peter cannot be the one to save her. Looking very distressed, and Peter then takes Angela's power, explaining that he has to know what it is that she saw.

Later that night, Peter dreams of Emma playing her cello. She looks angry and upset, and appears not to be acting of her own will. At that moment, Sylar appears and smiles at Emma, promising to help her and raising a hand in what may or may not be his familiar "kill gesture." Peter appears to be appalled by this precognition.

He turns up at Emma's apartment in a state of extreme agitation and immediately runs to the cello and smashes it. Afterwards, he tries to explain his actions and the dream that led to them, but a furious Emma throws him out. Before he leaves, Peter signs "I'm sorry."

The Wall

Peter is inside the Parkman-whammy prison created for Sylar, in which short amounts of time in the real world seem to be months or years to Peter and Sylar. Having successfully been avoided for several "months", Sylar corners Peter on a rooftop and tries to make conversation. He snidely remarks that Peter just wants his help in saving "what's her name". Peter punches Sylar in the mouth and tells him that "her name is Emma".

After working together to escape the mind-prison, Peter states that they have to go save Emma.

Brave New World

Emma finally understands that Peter was telling the truth about his dream when she realizes Samuel's plan and this apparently causes her to forgive him as well as to refuse to help, but she is forced to help by Eric Doyle. When Sylar and Peter finally arrive at the Carnival after learning Samuel's plans by reading Eli's mind, Peter decides to take a risk and allow Sylar to save Emma as the dream he had says he will while Peter takes on Samuel. Peter defeats Samuel while Sylar saves Emma and defeats Doyle with her help. Later, Emma and Peter share a hug and seem to reconcile.

Memorable Quotes

"Maybe we could get lunch tomorrow, figure it out."

- Peter (to Emma, asking her out on a date) (Ink)

"I'm sorry, sometimes I misunderstand, could you write it down?"

- Emma (when Peter is telling her about powers) (Ink)

"Are you alright?"

- Peter (to Emma after saving her life) (Hysterical Blindness)

"Can you see the colors?"

"I don't have that power anymore. But we could still play, if you want."

- Emma, Peter (Hysterical Blindness)

Friendship Vs. Romantic Love

Heroes: All-Access newsletters sent out over the summer cited Peter making a "romantic connection" with a new Hero. It is probable that Emma was the implied character. So far there have been no direct references to anything more than a platonic relationship beyond Peter's initial attempt to ask Emma out in Hysterical Blindness. However, the enormous on-screen chemistry between the characters and their interaction thus far seems to imply feelings beyond mere friendship.

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