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Fan Creation:Sythan

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Sylar shape shifts into Nathan.

Sythan is a fan term describing the relationship between Sylar and Nathan Petrelli. This relationship is unique in that Sylar and Nathan have recently come together as one conscious entity.


One Giant Leap

Mohinder and Eden find Nathan's picture on Sylar's map, with the symbol drawn over it. Mohinder attempts to warn Nathan that he may be a target.

Five Years Gone

The world thought that Sylar was the cause of the NYC Explosion. Sylar then killed Nathan and took the form of him to pose as President of the United States.


Peter informs Nathan that Sylar killed their father.

A Clear and Present Danger

Angela tells Nathan that Claire heard what happened to one of his targets, and thinks it was Sylar's doing.

Danko tells Nathan that they have two situations. Nathan correctly guesses that one of them involves Sylar.


Disguised as Nathan, Sylar holds a press conference regarding changes to the White House. Nathan sees this on television and Noah explains that Sylar can shape shift.

I Am Sylar

Earlier, Micah suggests Sylar shape shift into Nathan and do good. Sylar finds Nathan's brush with his DNA, and shape shifts into him with the ultimate goal of becoming the President.

As Nathan, Sylar holds a press conference where he announces his intention to meet with the President and shake his hand and that nothing will be the same. Nathan sees this on television, and Noah explains that Sylar will be able to shape shift into the President if he shakes his hand. Nathan goes to confront Sylar.

Nathan confronts Sylar in his office. After arguing, Sylar starts to cut Nathan's head, but Danko tasers Nathan into unconsciousness.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar stashes Nathan's unconscious body in the bathroom. Sylar later tries to wake Nathan for information, but resorts to absorbing memories from Nathan's possessions.

Claire meets Sylar disguised as Nathan, and questions who he actually is. Sylar touches Claire's necklace and talks about their trip to Mexico. She wants to join him meeting the President, and Sylar agrees. On the way, Claire notices Sylar writing with the wrong hand, but Sylar claims to be ambidextrous. Later, Claire has discovered Sylar's true identity--he is now impersonating her on the phone with Noah, while making her keep quiet.

Nathan and Peter enter Sylar's hotel room and Sylar shuts the door. After a fight, Nathan and Sylar fly out the window. They later fly back into the now empty hotel room, where Sylar slits Nathan's throat, killing him.

As Nathan, Sylar meets Liam Samuels, then impersonates Liam.

After Sylar is incapacitated, Angela and Noah convince Matt to make him think he actually is Nathan, so "Nathan" can tell the President to stop the hunting, and so word does not get out that a person with abilities killed a U.S. senator.

Six weeks later, Sylar tells Angela says he hasn't felt like "himself" lately. He notices that a clock is a running fast, so he resets it, and then feels better.


Sylar, in Nathan's form, meets with Angela for sushi. They discuss how "Nathan" has not been feeling like himself lately. Later, sitting in his office, "Nathan" discovers some of Sylar's old powers: telekinesis and electric manipulation.


Angela brings Sylar (who is still in Nathan's form) some of Nathan's old belongings to help him remember himself.

Tabula Rasa

Samuel asks Sylar to think of the first name that comes to his mind, to which Sylar responds: "call me Nathan."

Sylar shakes hands with Lydia, then recalls shaking a lot of hands and thinks that he used to be a politician (which is in fact Nathan's memories).

He later sees planes fly over the carnival, and briefly shape shifts into Nathan's form, then thinks that he used to be a military pilot.

Strange Attractors

Sylar sees Tracy Strauss then "remembers" flying with her (which is in fact Nathan's memories).


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Brother's Keeper

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The Fifth Stage

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